Your skin tone/coloring: NW10/15
What brand have you been loving most in 2015 so far? Urban Decay has actually done well by me, lately. Most of what they’ve released has been consistently good.
What brand […]

Ah yes, a whole collection named for cleaning and domestic duty. I see they wanted to be progressive with this naming scheme. 😛

I’m digging the lip products, but nothing else is really grabbing me. It looks […]

I like Flaming Lips a lot. Those muted, semi-opaque reds are always good for a laid back version of a red lip. I wonder if it’s a tad too close to Guerlain Coque d’Or to justify it, though…

I could have sworn the original release of Silver Dawn was more silver and cooler-toned. I’ll have to whip out the ED shade I have at home to see if I’m confusing the names. It definitely wears more grey-taupe […]

Very nice. The nude is definitely too warm for me, but Taupe Grey is gorgeous. I think that’s part of the single line, so I may have to look it up. Peacock is just stunning.

The nude palette looks more wearable on cooler toned skin in the image, but I suspect it’ll probably be warmer in person. I really love the look of the electric palette. The neutrals might even make it more […]

All I care about is the Taupe, and it seems to pass the in total swatch test. DON’T RUIN MY TAUPE DREAMS, YSL.

Beetle and Black looked so promising I’m the swatches. I guess they could work over a base, but what a waste otherwise. :/

I tell them presumption of character based on interest in the aesthetic is pretty superficial.

I like them because they can be more moisturizing than some stick formulas, but I do find that they tend to feather more than typical lipsticks and require more precise application with a brush. Since I’m lazy, I […]

Honestly, I just skip most base products and just wear sunscreen with touches of concealer. I’ll use Too Faced Absolutely Invisible face powder to knock down the shine in some places, but otherwise I stick to the […]

Oooh, that’s a good one, Christine. I think Anastasia would do well to team up with Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne. A brand known for the brows using ladies known for their brows.

Aye. I often find myself skipping the summer collections for that reason. In fairness, MOST people actually tan during the summer rather than turn red and then quickly return to their natural pasty state. 😛

Gorgeous palette, but like most collections, these are almost all too warm for me. If I was more neutral, I’d be all over the eye and cheek palette.

Haul: Guerlain kohl liner in Amber Silver. Just gorgeous.

Weekend Plans: Oh man…test on Monday, Biochem case study due Tuesday, two papers due Wednesday, a case presentation Thursday, a city justice meeting […]

Neutrogena is really good, as is Shiseido’s.

Your skin tone/coloring: NW10/15
What color do you feel you wear best? Red for lips, and taupe on the eyes. The latter is flattering on everybody. The former makes a statement against my pale skin.
What […]

This is just the kind of shade UD used to excel at as the “offbeat” mainstream brand. It’s nice to see some of those returning to the forefront. It’s not a color I’d have use for, but it’s lovely. I can see it […]

Honestly, I tend to just toss them. Sometimes, I’ll warm them up or add a drop of oil to get them creamier, but if it’s a cheaper product, I toss it. I also tend to track which products dry out faster – and then […]

Peach is a color I absolutely cannot wear on my NW10/15 coloring. Not flattering on us English rose types, particularly when I’m sporting my naturally ash brown hair color. I love shades like Raquel on other […]

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