Huh, I thought Antique would be a lot browner when I saw it in the pan, but it’s quite pretty. Not something that would likely work on my skintone but lovely on yours, Christine.

It annoys me that the “cool toned” palette still had warmer tones it , but I do like the middle colors. Under consideration it goes!

I feel like Alexander Wang could do some really fun stuff with his line. His look is all about the sharp lines and geometric shapes on a sporty silhouette.

A Guerlain list without Gigolo?? WHAT IS A WORLD WITHOUT GIGOLO, CHRISTINE.

Start wearing sunscreen year round, not just in summer where you’re out all day. You are way too fair to be out and about without it.

You are NOT unattractive and f*ck anybody who says otherwise.

You may […]

Their ads are very offputting to me at times. I’ll give them that they objectify men a fair bit in the campaigns, but something about the way the women are often shot that feels degrading to me.

Wow. I didn’t even hear anything about this, and I visit a fair number of fashion and beauty blogs. I can’t support that, either, which is sad because Revlon is one of my favorite drug store brands. Ah well. :-/

I haven’t boycotted entire brands (yet), but I have done it to collections whose themes ran parallel to my own ethical principles, i.e. NARS x Guy Bourdin. There are brands that I avoid, however, based on […]

Jetsetter is lovely, though it looks like the matte formula could use a little work. From the sound of the pricing, it sounds like they grasped the concept of customizable palettes a little better than UD did.

A B- grade?? That’s just embarassing on UD’s part. Those palettes have always been good quality. I hope this isn’t a sign of a trend to come. I was excited about this palette because it had a good mix of warm […]

Password looks like the weakest of the mattes – the rest are just very light and blending into Christine’s skin tone. Which is nice for us pale folk, but they really need to add more darker matte shades for […]

I’m currently working three jobs throughout the summer, so it varies wildly depending on what I’m doing. My hospital and restaurant job are usually sans makeup because the areas I work in are either 1.) sterile, […]

This is the first palette they’ve released that I actually thought had a good balance of warm and cooler toned shades. I might have to seriously consider going after this, even though I’m not a huge smokey eye girl.

Jetsetter looks like a must have. :)

I can’t believe they went there with “John Doe.” I mean, at least they know what kind of color they’re selling. :) Cosplay is actually quite a pretty shade, even if it’s not one I’d go out of my way to wear.

Aye, Cafe Makeup reviewed it awhile back, and it’s the shade I went for after I found out Claret was discontinued. Kind of a vampy berry-purple shade with a sheer finish. Quite pretty!

Haul: Burberry Lip Mist in a Blueberry, MAC Huggable lip color in Flaming Lips

Weekend Plans: I am forever working!

Favorite thing to cook: Not a fan of cooking…pancakes, maybe?

I wish brands would just stop with the combo products if they aren’t willing to go the distance with them. The kind of emollient effect you need for a comfortable lip product is bound to undermine the product’s […]

Chanel Fleur de Lotus! One of the few orangey corals that works on my NW10/15 skin.

Good luck on the brewing, Alice! My friend also brews beer, and he’s been itching to open the new kit his wife got him for Christmas. So much fun to do…and enjoy the results. 😉

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