Jetsetter looks like a must have. :)

I can’t believe they went there with “John Doe.” I mean, at least they know what kind of color they’re selling. :) Cosplay is actually quite a pretty shade, even if it’s not one I’d go out of my way to wear.

Aye, Cafe Makeup reviewed it awhile back, and it’s the shade I went for after I found out Claret was discontinued. Kind of a vampy berry-purple shade with a sheer finish. Quite pretty!

Haul: Burberry Lip Mist in a Blueberry, MAC Huggable lip color in Flaming Lips

Weekend Plans: I am forever working!

Favorite thing to cook: Not a fan of cooking…pancakes, maybe?

I wish brands would just stop with the combo products if they aren’t willing to go the distance with them. The kind of emollient effect you need for a comfortable lip product is bound to undermine the product’s […]

Chanel Fleur de Lotus! One of the few orangey corals that works on my NW10/15 skin.

Good luck on the brewing, Alice! My friend also brews beer, and he’s been itching to open the new kit his wife got him for Christmas. So much fun to do…and enjoy the results. 😉

Haul: A whole load of Redken hair products because the bleach damage is starting to rear it’s ugly head in the form of broken strands if I’m too rough while brushing. I also ordered some Burberry stuff, but it […]

Both, really. It depends on the product. For things that I use every day, like eyeliner or concealer, the price per ounce is significant because I want value if I’m going pricey. For things like lipstick or […]

I am baffled by why so many brands have trouble making shades like Brazen. I wonder if it’s something with the pigment because I recall NARS Ingrid having similar issues.

Your skin tone/coloring: NW10/15
Favorite eyeliner to add a pop of color? Right now, it’s Guerlain’s Amber Silver
Favorite long-wearing foundation? Oh man, I barely ever wear foundation…I guess I could go […]

Depends on the item, honestly. If it’s something I know I’ll use often, I’ll go pretty pricey. As a general rule, though, I generally peter out around $75 for cosmetics. Anything more tends to be a little too […]

Shame about the texture. I really like lip tints for the summer when I feel a less opaque feels more fitting, and I was hoping the red would be worth a look. Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to lean on the rest of […]

Every cream product creases on me, so that wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but the shade range is oddly limited. So many warm toned browns and coppers!

Haul: NOTHING. I had THREE lipstick shades on my wishlist, and when I went to order them, all of the shades were discontinued. From separate brands! I feel like the term “permanent” is way overused anymore. :(

Your skin tone/coloring: NW10/15
What brand have you been loving most in 2015 so far? Urban Decay has actually done well by me, lately. Most of what they’ve released has been consistently good.
What brand […]

Ah yes, a whole collection named for cleaning and domestic duty. I see they wanted to be progressive with this naming scheme. 😛

I’m digging the lip products, but nothing else is really grabbing me. It looks […]

I like Flaming Lips a lot. Those muted, semi-opaque reds are always good for a laid back version of a red lip. I wonder if it’s a tad too close to Guerlain Coque d’Or to justify it, though…

I could have sworn the original release of Silver Dawn was more silver and cooler-toned. I’ll have to whip out the ED shade I have at home to see if I’m confusing the names. It definitely wears more grey-taupe […]

Very nice. The nude is definitely too warm for me, but Taupe Grey is gorgeous. I think that’s part of the single line, so I may have to look it up. Peacock is just stunning.

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