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I love a bit of luxury sometimes, and these are undoubtedly lovely looking. I’m glad you reviewed these, Christine! But $50? Fifty dollars? That is insane. That is just bonkers. Looking at the ingredients (thank […]

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I’d love to wear RiRi Woo with a peachy blush and a long sweep of blackest eyeliner!

C, I think you’ve made exactly the right call. I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that you put into everything you do on this blog, and this decision really highlights why I love coming here. Your […]

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Christine, if you ever get the chance, would you consider doing a little overview of the books that you’ve found useful? Nothing necessarily too in-depth, but I’d love to know which of Aucoin’s books you’d […]

After seeing what Chanel did with that spectacular Byzantine collection a few years ago, I’d love to see a collection based on ancient Egypt–think of all the fun to be had with elaborate kohl and gold […]

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In many ways, I think it depends what stage of life you’re at. If you’re in your teens and twenties, go for colour! Honestly, just go for it. It’s the one point in your life that you can experiment wildly without […]

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