Your skin tone/coloring: nc15
Eye brush you always use? mac 217
Do you use foundation regularly? yes everyday, I have clear skin but unfortunately also very very red cheeks, if I do not cover them other people […]

neutral during the day a pop of color at night:-)

i would use i as a modern subtle day look with a bold lipstick:-)

i would use the hourglass palette, I’ve wanted to try them forever but they aren’t available in my country:-( plus I love the Nars lip pensils.
and what a nice give away!!!!

i never wear them! my own lashes are enough:-)

and then it’s about me feeling confident in my environment(not under- or overdressed) than others opinion of my outfit/make up:-)

NO! but I do try to dress (and wear make up) that fits the occasion/time of day/season/what-ever-the-.heck-I-am-doing-that day. like I don’t wear full evening make up to work or the beach, but my choice of make up […]

I bought my first products from helena rubenstein: One neon-orange sparkly loose eyeshadow, one neon green pressed eyeshadow, one foundation and a black eyeliner. It was in 2000 and I was 14 years old and had […]

I would bring it on vacation and use a soft wash of color all over the lid and define with one of the darker shadows:-)

I use concealer maybe once a week and then I use the 1 of the 3 I’ve got that best fits my needs that day. I’ve got one long wearing, a medium coverage liquidy one and one full coverage.

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