While it’s true that its great for those who couldn’t get it and great for the brand to listen to their costumers, I too understand being annoyed. There has been a few TF products i spent a lot of money on through […]

I am only ok with this price for the duo because I buy the burberry single eyeshadows which are around $30 each anyway…=/

If it is free to rouge members I don’t understand why it is even necessary to enroll, shouldn’t it just be that rouge members get free 2 day shipping and if you want the perk as a non rouge you would have to sign up?

I am actually most excited for the cle de peau lipgloss! Runner-up please =)

Actually I’m not really sure what they are doing because I got on the website at 12:05 and they only had about 15 of the lipsticks available and I’m pretty positive they didn’t sell out in 3 minutes…

Great contest! Thanx! *cross fingers*

Really? how did you find out about this/where is this located/is this still going on????

That’s it? Lipstick and nail polish? I am incredibly disappointed! =(

How much tint is there to this product? I was wondering if this could be used as a very light foundation if you have good skin and are just looking for a little something to blur pores and very lightly cover the skin.

I wanted to thank you a lot for this post. I have now bought literally all of the brushes you mention in each category as the “best.” =) Not to say my brush collection was lacking before, but now it has been upgraded.

I am most excited for the sephora cash back! =)

I have always wanted to try Shu Uemura cosmetics, what are some good things to try as a first time buyer?

I have never found so much negativity towards my passion for makeup. I get yelled at quite often that if I never bought any new makeup or skincare for the rest of my life, I’d still have some left over. They just […]

They are eyeliners so I guess I would wear them either on the waterline or to…line my eyes? =)

I cannot get over the face that these look like toothbrushes. I wonder how they would work in practice. Are you going to be reviewing these?

What is your favorite concealer brush?

I just don’t get what you would actually use this for?

Wow that set looks so much nicer than the heart NY set. I am totally loving this and putting it on my to buy list!

I already called my local saks asking to be alerted when this hits the shelves. I really like the pink palette, but I have the nouvelle vouge kscope from le metier already with 3 gradients of pinks in there and I […]

There was a trio kit that had the almond scrub, lemon peel, and some mask that was $30 for the set and I love it. I think you need to just leave it on for less time and use a very cooling and soothing mask after. […]

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