A contour palette shade lipstick collection. Oii.

Holy crumbs UD roller girl. All dese unused palettes and that one is ‘hit-pan’ central.

Carolina Herrera or Ivanka Trump!! They’re both so classy I would just dieeeeee

They look good for the most part, but what’s up with matte not actually meaning matte these days? A lot of those look like they’ve got at least a little sheen. I mean, I get that they’re more moisturizing, but let […]

I’d say so, as long as you’re comfortable with it. If you’re not the type to spend a lot of money on pretty little things then don’t, it’s not worth it being upset over splurging on makeup.

It legit makes me look disgustingly oily and the main ingredient is freakin talc but the little rainbow balls in the lid are so adorable that it’s just like “lol take […]

50 dollars!???? That bronzer better be the size of my head wtf

What does it take to consider a deal ‘too good to let go’?

Have you ever boycotted a beauty brand?

Are you willing to try a beauty brand you’ve never heard of?

Would you rather buy straight from a beauty […]

I’ve bought into hype quite a few times and it’s never done me wrong. I’ve yet to come across a product that is entirely awful and useless, so maybe I’ve been buying into the right sort of hype. Other than that, I […]

I got the Milani face powder for 75% off a couple of months ago during CVS’s beauty clearance. Literally can’t wait for my Josie maran powder to run out so I can start using the Milani one full time. It’s amazing uhhhhhhhhh

DHC pore recovery or something like that, it’s in a little green squeeze tube, is freaking amaze. Using that in combination with a cream foundation is pure magic. I’m oiler than Saudi arabia and it’s the only […]

It’s been a a hot minute since I’ve actually regretted a purchase but oMG I will forever regret picking up both of the UD Oz palettes the second they came out. I’ve literally used them each once. Ya girl could cry tbh.

I think it’s pretty important if it’s publisised enough. Like, I can’t buy anything from Lime Crime because Doe Deere is such a questionable character. The story behind her company and the history of her business […]

Good thing Mac only makes like two of each of their LE products because I can’t imagine any of these selling lol

When I was like 13-14 and just starting makeup I seriously thought their packaging was tacky and awful but now, all these years later, I can’t get enough of it. That being said, quality also got much better. I’ve […]

Hado labo night cream- the plumping one I think. It didn’t work out in the long run.

Unfortunately yes, I have a friend that’s a bit of a klepto. She’s stollen a few of my luxury makeup items, money and clothes. The sad thing is that I give my friends makeup and clothes all the time without them […]

The lighter eyeshadows released since bos IV have just been real garbage. I feel like they all turn the same color on the lid, even with primer. The worst shadow I’ve ever tried was crystal by them, and I found it […]

I wish my grades would look like that after finals 😛

Nice to see Mac putting out quality products again. Pretty colors + a good formula??? A girl couldn’t ask for more!!

The scent on benefit glosses make me swoon tbh <3

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