I would try out each blush throughout the holiday season for a variety of looks. Thanks for the contest, I had my eye on this as I haven’t tried the Tarte blushes before, but have heard so many great things about them.

I would use each blush thought the holiday season to do a variety of looks! Thanks for the contest, would love to win tins as I haven’t tried Tarte blushes yet and have heard so many great things about them.

Gorgeous swatches! I still have yet to try these blushes, and what a great way to start! When will this be available?

I’m very slowly treading the brown lip trend that is for Fall. Not a huge fan of it, but I mostly go for pinks so that may be why. I purchased the shade, “Two-Timer” in the Buxom Full-Bodied lipstick. Just […]

Yes, I so am getting this!

Did you find that it actually held good in water?

OMG OMG OMG Yes please on the eye collection! I’m a sucker for anything Cheetah!

New to me to see this, but is a good concept. I have a pool at home, and when you have a party it’s always nice to have something on but that’s not just going to melt away from the heat or water. Do these hold […]

Yes, very much actually! Last Christmas, I got attracted to the original Miss. Dior perfume bottle. Pink, classy looking and elegant. I’m addicted to the scent, and it really works well with me. Finally, found my […]

Being a huge country fan, I MUST get my hands on the country one! Love the shades, and plus some of the names are titles. Well played Too Faced, I’m sold!

The 20’s, flapper style. Love all those glam looks.

What a gorgeous collection, and the price is right! Where can you buy this now that its gone in Sephora?

Can’t wait to see the swatches on these, Nars is one of my favorite brands for lip gloss. I’m not normally attracted to browns, but looks like some nice ones are in there. Also, the oranges too.

I very much like this paring, and it came at a great time in my life! I’m really attracted to the color lime green this season. Also nice that I don’t have any shades like this in my collection.

Hate to say it, but seems to look like just a money grab. I love their glosses in love, but don’t feel like these would do much better or different than those. Just my opinion though. I really don’t understand the […]

These are gorgeous! Not a company I usually buy, only have bought 2 things in the past but Infamous is a very nice color.

Was hoping for brighter Spring type shades. Tired of the nude and brown look. Craving color. I am interested in one of the golds though for the color design.

Wow…Feel like our prayers have been answered for UD veering away from the Naked line for a moment. I SO need this in my life! Never have used pigments, so I wouldn’t know what to expect in terms of it bothering […]

Can’t wait to see the review on this shimmer brick. I have never owned one, but keep hearing they are a must have. If I were to have one, it would be in the coral range.

Galaxy rose was a shade at first that I thought I wouldn’t normally wear, but seeing the swatch and on lips I really like it. Its a pretty shade. So, that surprised me. Guess I need to look outside the box […]

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