I’m so getting this. I’m rather pale and pretty neutral toned so this is a dream palette for me. I’m so glad I’d held off on buying their blushes. This works out so well!

I really thing I may have to get one of the contour-esque shades because I’m so ridiculously pale that it is rare that I find anything that looks subtle enough that I even consider venturing into contouring.

So are these colors located in the large palette that Nars released?

Awesome, thanks for the info!

Do these fit in Mac palettes? I think I’m ready to make a purchase.

Your skin tone/coloring: Super pale (MAC 15 or Bobbi Brown Alabaster with mostly neutral, slightly pink undertones)
Last beauty product you bought but didn’t like on you? I can’t particularly remember any. I […]

Rarely, but it’s not special occasions. More when I can be bothered to try it with my amazingly pale skin.

You know, I’ve been thinking, and after seeing this picture I definitely think there shouldn’t be a problem. I know you’ve mentioned some allergy or something that prevents you from lining your upper eye, but you […]

So it this in stores now?

I have no idea. It has to be extraordinarily pathetic for me to notice.

I love it when the color I want most is by far and away the crappiest of the bunch.

Something I have wondering with things like this is what happens after you use it a few times, and it gets dull? I mean, from what it looks like even if you ca sharpen it there’d be loads of waste.

That’s actually good to know. I’d been eyeing for that purpose since it came out. I just may have to look into that tomorrow at Sephora.

Oh, okay. I read it three times, and I just wanted to know any warnings you might have at $40 a pop, ha.

I don’t follow what you mean, I feel like you left something out:

“I wouldn’t buy any shade, but if it was the right shade for your skin tone, it just might be worth the splurge. (For reference, both of these […]

You could have just written “Remember how painful those Beth Ditto shadesticks were? Happened again!”

Thanks for the info! It still sounds like a fail all things considered, but at least there’s some method to the madness.

I fail to understand the purpose of baked makeup. Like, are there supposed to be perks to it? It just always seems to be so lackluster.

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