As much as i love and look forward to their ages i am always disappointed that VIBs and Rouge still get the same discount. We spend more than three times the amount they do so we should get a Peter discount. […]

I am way to excited for this. I want that giant palette and the carousel. I’m so happy the Christmas collections are out early because I had to throw all my makeup out from getting a very rare and random viral […]

I CAN FINALLY GET PEACHSTOCK. Gonna buy three of these, oh heavens save me and my wallet.

I am totally getting the first and last lipstick! They are so pretty and the packaging to die for.

I was hoping to get this at sephora :c

This is such a nobrainer for me. I need this in my life.

I have Pristine by Illamaqua and it is lovely. The only complain I have about it is the shape of the lipstick so that I have to apply it with a brush… I was kinds hoping this would be similar enough so that I […]

Oranges. I typically don’t care to abide by ‘seasonal colours’ but I just don’t like seeing myself in oranges in the winter… coppers maybe but even then I just feel strange… unless it is pastel.

I just qualified this past week. I’m kinda excited. I like how sephora actually gives perks to loyal customers and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. This is so exciting.

I have to admit I was kinda […]

Thanks for the review! I love when you include looks you made with the pallets so we can see how the colours go together. Are Soiree and Pure Glam available individually?

Such a lovely colour! I love Brun Createur and want the full size of it and now I feel I need this. Thanks for the review!

Soooo I need those nail polishes and the plum lipstick… and the eyeshadow compact. OMG everything is so fun and colourful <3
I can't wait for the release and reviews <3

It is actually so beautiful and more wearable than I imagined. Holy Crap.

I need the first two, holy crap, I was gasping out loud at how gorgeous they were.

I am always willing to splurge on Guerlain.

I would wear the Rainy Season eyeshadows with Sushi Kiss on my lips and then add shine to my lips with Imperial Light!

Well, I know what I am buying! Sushi Kiss and Tangerine Dream <3 So excited!!!

I really like grey and I totally now need this!

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