Ooohhh thanks for the tip-off re: Shiro!! I love their collection themes <3

Part of me (aka my bank account) hates how Bite keeps releasing new, gorgeous shades …. But I must have this color!!

Hopefully this collection doesn’t include Homer’s makeup shotgun ….. Marge wasn’t exactly looking her best post-application.

I just bought Melted Peony and I love the formula!! Liquid lipsticks that dry down drive me nuts — they crack and I get some serious MLA line texture going on …. I may be making a trip back to Sephora very […]

Speaking from personal experience (although an experience long past), Lip Smackers can be used to achieve the same effect.

That’s exactly what I was thinking!! I see so many nude, shimmery shades …..

I bought Bordeaux first, and then quickly returned to Sephora to buy Port (a deep blue-based red) and Sherry (orangish-red)! Bite recently added more colors to the range too, so my collection may grow soon :)

I discovered these a few months ago and I’ve loved the formula …. Is it weird that when I first tried it, I thought, “but what would Christine think?!” Hehehehe 😛

I just wish the pans were like the pro pans, with the little sticker and magnet on the back!! I love the MAC pro palettes, so being able to switch in/out would be amazing.

I use Dove soap! My brushes still look and feel “healthy” so I don’t think it’s necessary to use a more expensive cleaner.

Skin coloring: NW10
All-time favorite makeup brand: YSL, Urban Decay (UD is killing it lately, I love their new lipstick formula), Bite Beauty (matte yet moisturizing Cashmere Lip Cremes … genius)
All-time […]

I’ve been on a hunt for such a mascara lately, as my current favorite (MAC Haute & Naughty Too Black) isn’t the greatest at holding a curl. I love the overall feel of Haute & Naughty though, because it doesn’t […]

I would wear Sushi Kiss lipstick with Immortal flower blush and a black, winged-out cat eye!!

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