Depends on the texture; liquid – sponge (beauty blender), cream – fingers, powder – RT brush or a kabuki

Me too. Thanks for linking that swatch post last week, Rikki, I’ve been excited ever since!

These are fantastic! I’ll be keeping an eye out for them, they seem perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

I’m surprised no one has said it yet but Mineral Veil. For some reason, I can’t keep my hands off BE Mineral Veil.

Because of you, I discovered a love for Guerlain. It started with the Lingerie De Peau foundation and eventually I fell absolutely head over heels for the Noir G mascara. Maxi lash isn’t too shabby either. So […]

I get palettes in shades I know I’ll use (neutrals/smoky shades) and I’ll go through them pretty fast from everyday office looks. I LOVE getting liters of Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner (I think Ulta & […]

Totally agree! I have the Peony color in the black case lipstick and I like it a lot.
Also, check out the lip gloss and lip butters, they’re my new favorites/go-to lip products.
Haute Honeysuckle Lip Butter is […]

CVS – Extra Bucks program is AWESOME! You get tons of coupons (most of which don’t really apply but every now and then they’ll have some good $ off a certain brand). CVS clearance is awesome too, some products are […]

I just fell in love. Now the question is when do I buy it, now because I’m impatient or in a month as a birthday gift to myself?! Thanks for another great swatch!

I travel with all 3 volumes of Shady Lady. I purchased mine through theBalm site when they had the 3 for 1. My favorite shade in this is Bossy Bobbi, it’s a shimmery very pigmented teal blue, although I don’t wear this shade a lot. I like to stick with neutrals and the combination of Mischevious Marissa (copper) & Devilish Danielle (peach) look…[Read more]

If you blend this out, it looks great but you really have to blend it out because there is so much shimmer. My favorite use of this is as eyeshadow, I use this and the Betty Lou Manizer to contour my eyes; the combination of the two results in a great neutral everyday look. I love how large the compact is, I can use this product liberally with no…[Read more]

The peanut butter to my banana! I love using Betty-Lou & Mary-Lou together, especially on my eye lids. If using this as a bronzer, make sure to use a light hand as this is pretty pigmented and shimmery and can make you look like a muddy disco ball if used too much. Mine started to crack near the hinge but it’s been through a lot and still going…[Read more]

Received this in a Birchbox, it’s a sheer lip&cheek gel tint, similar to Benetint. On the lips, it leaves a pretty bright pink stain but my lips got incredibly dry after using this (even with a nourishing lip balm). On the cheeks, it’s either hardly detectable or obnoxiously bright. All this could be caused by user error but I decided to leave it…[Read more]

I had just gotten my hair done (it was a pretty bright red shade) and I was at the mall wearing my date night dress for later that evening when a MUA at the UD counter stopped me asked to put some lipstick on me. I got suckered into buying the red lipstick, lipliner and eyeliner. I have so many great memories of using this eye liner, it’s a…[Read more]

This is probably my least favorite out of the 3 palettes but I still use it quite a bit! My favorite shades out of this palette are: Envious Erin (a creamy shimmer great for brow highlight), Safe Bet Annette (frosty pink, for the light part of a gradient to a dark pink or red), and the whole bottom row (the teal-y blue shade is super pigmented and…[Read more]

Lust is a mid-tone purple shade, from what I’ve seen it look pretty pigmented on other people but it hardly came through for me. Everytime I did put it on, it would fade after a few hours. Mine got dry and hard really fast. I’d stay away from this shade in particular, other UD eye liners seem better than this one.

This was recommended to me by my nail tech -_- who usually uses gel polish so I should have known better than to take this recommendation but I tried it. After using Seche Vite, nothing can really compare, definitely not this. I felt like this made my polish chip faster, not a bad thing for the chronic manicurist but still, it didn’t seal the…[Read more]

You can’t go wrong with neutrals! First, the bad… I was disappointed to see a handful of matte shades but shimmery ones are more my type anyways. I LOVE NEUTRALS! My absolute favorites that I keep reaching for are: Stubborn (shimmery peach), Stand-offish (frosty peach), Sulty (matte tan – favorite!), Sophisticated (warm brownie shade with gold…[Read more]

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