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I travel with all 3 volumes of Shady Lady. I purchased mine through theBalm site when they had the 3 for 1. My favorite shade in this is Bossy Bobbi, it’s a shimmery very pigmented teal blue, although I don’t wear this shade a lot. I like to stick with neutrals and the combination of Mischevious Marissa (copper) & Devilish Danielle (peach) look…[Read more]

If you blend this out, it looks great but you really have to blend it out because there is so much shimmer. My favorite use of this is as eyeshadow, I use this and the Betty Lou Manizer to contour my eyes; the combination of the two results in a great neutral everyday look. I love how large the compact is, I can use this product liberally with no…[Read more]

The peanut butter to my banana! I love using Betty-Lou & Mary-Lou together, especially on my eye lids. If using this as a bronzer, make sure to use a light hand as this is pretty pigmented and shimmery and can make you look like a muddy disco ball if used too much. Mine started to crack near the hinge but it’s been through a lot and still going…[Read more]

I had just gotten my hair done (it was a pretty bright red shade) and I was at the mall wearing my date night dress for later that evening when a MUA at the UD counter stopped me asked to put some lipstick on me. I got suckered into buying the red lipstick, lipliner and eyeliner. I have so many great memories of using this eye liner, it’s a…[Read more]

Received this in a Birchbox, it’s a sheer lip&cheek gel tint, similar to Benetint. On the lips, it leaves a pretty bright pink stain but my lips got incredibly dry after using this (even with a nourishing lip balm). On the cheeks, it’s either hardly detectable or obnoxiously bright. All this could be caused by user error but I decided to leave it…[Read more]

This is probably my least favorite out of the 3 palettes but I still use it quite a bit! My favorite shades out of this palette are: Envious Erin (a creamy shimmer great for brow highlight), Safe Bet Annette (frosty pink, for the light part of a gradient to a dark pink or red), and the whole bottom row (the teal-y blue shade is super pigmented and…[Read more]