like most people have said, i think everyone should have some sort of mlbb/nude like tans, browns, and plummy pinks; a red; and some bright or vampy lipstick like pink, purple, or dark red.

my choices:
mlbb: […]

the eye look you created with these shadows is amazing – it makes me know that i really need to pick up a chartreuse eyeshadow. do you have any recommendations ? i’ve been thinking of getting the one by sephora’s house brand.

Light beige/pinks (like urban decay WOS and bootycall) and golds (like half baked and ydk). I tend to wear bright/deep lip colors, so I like to keep my eyes neutral.

I almost exclusively wear dark reds and burgundies recently. I’ve been into Besame Noir Red and Besame Cherry Red especially!

urban decay rapture and mac captive!! two newer lipsticks for me that instantly became favorites.

mac captive, sephora cream stain in always red, yes to blueberries lip balm

Naked3. I purchased it right after Christmas after WEEKS of debating with myself. And I am so glad that I got it! I have used it almost every day since and it is truly perfect for my skin tone, even though I was […]

looks nearly identical to mac impassioned! I love these colors but they never look quite right on me.

Thank you so much! I just know that sometimes eye products aren’t completely lip safe, so that’s why I tend to avoid them. This is an amazing list though, I will be checking all of these out :)

personally, i don’t have problems with instigator (though it does seem to go on christine a little unevenly). it performs way better than punk couture.

i got both of these (frantically) on the 26th. i love them but i agree that punk couture has some problems. it’s an amazing color though! just not the greatest coverage.

does anyone know of any good purple […]

that’s awful. i’m glad you were able to pick them up in store. i was scrambling this morning trying to snag them because my internet connection was down when they were released online (sighs). called around and […]

I am so looking forward to these lipsticks! I hope we can see swatches before they come out, but if not, I’ll just go to my mac store on the release date. Hopefully I can convince myself to only buy two.

eyes: ud naked basics, ud naked2, wet n wild black liquid eyeliner
face: nars blush in dolce vita
lipliner: nyx hot red and auburn, sephora nanoliner in pleasant plum
lipstick: mac russian red, rebel, diva, […]

I almost always stray away from metallic lip colors (in fact I don’t think I own a single one) but Wanderlust is beautiful. It’s a shame it isn’t rated better, but it is probably still wonderful over […]

When I have spray perfumes (not now, they’re at home and I’m away at college) I usually do two half-sprays, one at each shoulder/collarbone area. Now that I’m at school, I have some travel size splash perfumes – I […]

Rihanna is not normalizing violence against women, but rather doing what she wants. Rihanna does not go around saying that abuse is okay – she just happened to stay with someone who, at some point, abused her. […]

christine, what an elegant response. i love this blog even more, now.

Must-Have Eye Products:
a neutral palette that lets you do looks with varying intensities – my choices are naked2 and naked basics (i really want to try lorac pro and thebalm Nude ‘Tude, but can’t really justify […]

naked2 or kat von d’s lipstick in homegirl
homegirl is such a perfect shade. i wear it over any red or burgundy lip liner for an amazing dark lip.

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