I would use the Sephora giftcard for some new Marc Jacobs brushes!! They look awesome!!

I’m most excited for the sephora cash back! 10% is amazing!!!!

I love doing ombré looks with my eyeliner! I could definitely get a couple different ombré looks out of these :)

I’ve always wanted to try soft and gentle! I would wear it as a daily highlight! I feel like it would compliment my olive skin

The Beauty Look Book’s swatches look wayyyyy different than all the other swatches I’ve seen now of the Constellation palette! Glad I didn’t go based on that alone!

Thank you for these! I definitely need to pick up this quint! I’d seen a couple of swatches where they looked more pink but I am glad that they are a little more warmed toned, it works better on my olive skin […]

This is beautiful! I’m hoping you got the other palette too so I can decide which one i NEED more hehehe

I would wear Caribbean all over the lid! Gorgeous color!!

I would wear these all year round! I find mineralize blushes suit me well since my skin is more on the dry side, it gives me a glow

I would do a nude eye with a pop of color!

I would wear them as a a natural flush! I’m a little tan so I think these will be perfect for everyday natural flush!

I’d wear this lipstick with simple eye makeup, for a super classic look!

The color is gorgeous!!!

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