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Which beauty “rules” just don’t work for you?

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This is such a staple shade. I wish they’d make it permanent!

It isn’t really a resolution per se but I just want to be healthier!

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The one who got away for me is probably Le Metier de Beaute’s Red my Lips, which is a shade I haven’t been able to find anywhere in the right finish and texture.

If it absolutely has to be a palette, Le Metier […]

Eeep, I found it! Sorry about that!

I forgot to say. Merry Christmas, Christine! I hope you had a good one.

Hi Christine!

The link to the list of eyeshadows and liners appears to not be working. Could you link it again?

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I’d love to do just about everything with this palette, frp, a silvery and copper smoky eye to a dark navy liner and a whole bunch of neutral looks!

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I was once sold a completely off, curdled jar of LUSH Vanishing Cream. When I took it back to the store and showed them the coagulated mess and the receipt (I had bought it one day before), the lady said very […]

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There’s nothing boring about Burberry’s eyeshadows, Temptalia! Taupe Brown is my go to shade for every day wear and I wear it as contour and through my brows occasionally, too! It’s fabulous. The formula is so […]

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I’d love to do a light, all over bronze!

Le Metier de Beaute Ken Downing Collection – so I can get my hands on Red My Lips!

The eye palette, for sure!

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Ooooh, I’d love a taupe-grey that was an eyebrow color, a contour and an eyeshadow all in one!

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Oh. My. God.


A sheer, pure clean white glow with a blue-violet subtle duochrome that sort of glints at the sides.

Oh! And a darker, vampier version of MAC Rain of Flowers in a nicer formula with a nicer brush.

Or […]


I have looked EVERYWHERE for that particular shade of red and I can’t find it anywhere! Its my power red, its just its in a lipgloss form, […]

Me too! I don’t think there are many blushes that have just made me go “Ooooh” like that, you know? They look so pretty and naturally radiant.

Ditto that! I’d love a bunch of eyeliners that read black but are actually blackened green, blackened teal, blackened burgundy.

I just want something I can wear running, to the pool or to the beach that doesn’t smudge or run, but removes nicely with my oil cleanser!

Or if you’re talking about shade, I’m really craving something that […]

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