Burberry Taupe Brown and Burberry Pale Barley!

Oh my god, yes, yes, YES!

I know there are dupes, but Chanel not having this perfect shade in the perfect formula be a staple in their lineup is inexcusable. High quality, perfect cool-toned contouring should […]

Oh, the Sephora x Disney collection? I’d be so happy if they made some of those permanent, the formula! The colors! So perfect for a makeup beginner. I’d be happy to see the Cinderella lineup there forever – I’d […]

I still mourn the fact that I will never own Kakitsubata!

My Mother with your exact skin undertones and hair color laments the loss of this one, too! It was a gorgeous, luxurious formula and the level of depth and sort of rich moisture you could get from it was so […]

Ooooh. Le Metier de Beaute Red my Lips, the ENTIRE line of Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill from the Acqua collection (Oh #24, you beautiful beast…), Guerlain Wulong (I regret to say that I use this every day and […]

I completely agree with you here! There’s nothing more infuriating than a reformulation or discontinuation of a product the consumers KNOW is good. So many gems in perfume, sunscreen, skin care and makeup have […]

I think that perhaps you’re asking the wrong people! You would think that the grander the hyperbole, the more eye-rolling it would induce, but I remember rolling my eyes at the miraculous claim of special apple […]

+ 1. I’ve been avidly researching my skincare since I was twelve and considered making a career out of it!

Another one for Armani’s foundations – the Luminous Silk formula is INCREDIBLE. The finish looks like skin (It’s the only one I can look at on my Mother and just not notice that it’s there – it just looks like […]

Do you have black/cool toned dark hair, Julia? these are the ones that work for me, but then I realized by “ash” you might be pale/ash blonde!

Ugh, I have the PERFECT ashy brow pencil, it’s in Shu Uemura’s hard formula! I also love the Estee Lauder Automatic brow pencil – they have a soft black shade that is pure, blissful ash grey. Not a single hint of […]

If you want something that really sinks in and leaves a silky, satiny finish with no silicone coating, I highly recommend Moogoo’s MSM Cream! It’s absolutely wonderful at sinking into the skin and leaving it […]

I’m still on the lookout for my perfect sunscreen myself! People have recommended BurnOut to me as well as Shiseido Ultimate but apparently both have recently been reformulated (a dirty word when it comes to […]

I love warming, spicy scents: cardamom, cinnamon, woods, oud, amber, boozy vanillas (but not plain vanilla, strangely!), citrus and spice…

I’m also strangely drawn to fresh, juicy scents like red grapefruit, […]

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in a shade that actually matches my skin (The formula is gorgeous, but my Mother and I are both between whole and half numbers and the .25s all run very pink compared to the […]

While we’re all adding to our HG Wish Lists, I’d like a moisturizer that works as well and sinks in as nicely on me as LUSH’s Vanishing Cream, only in a tube, less expensive and without a horrible habit of going […]

I forgot to mention this! I want a foundation that’s on the sheerer side that matches my skin tone and looks like skin, is comfortable to wear, and that doesn’t wear off and prevents break through shine – at least […]

No, but coincidentally they’re the next on my to-try list! Thanks for the recommendation, and here’s hoping!

I’m loving the good returns policy as an Australian – Here you can’t return ANYTHING. I was once […]

It’s so amazing you find that Invisible Zinc works on you, because I’m like your husband – it creates a MAJOR white cast on me, and I’m extremely pale! I find all the Invisible zinc line extremely occlusive and […]

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