I’d also be curious to know:

If there was one place in the world you could go on a makeup shopping spree, where would you go? What would you like to buy?

I love these questions, it’s like a collective […]

This looks like it’d be a fun one!

How do you like your collections? (Frequency, numbers of products, types of products!)

Is there a product that works for a lot of people that just doesn’t work for you? / Is there a product that’s not popular […]

Okay, this is a bit of a rigmarole!

– Face massage and cleanse with Dermalogica’s Precleanse. (I love oil/balm cleansers and am contemplating trying the Clinique Take the Day off and Banila Clean it Zero […]

I’m so excited for you, Andrew! I know we don’t know one another, but I really hope that your dream comes true and that you get to make some amazing products for Givenchy. I think that it’s so wonderful that you […]

I remember that collection! Toxic green, lots of blues and blue-greens and an Ancient Egyptian meets Hollywood feel. I never actually got to try anything, but I remember the spread in Australian Vogue and the […]

God, YES.


I’m picturing strong, pigmented reds, strong golds (vivid true gold and MOLTEN STRONG COPPERY GOLD), strong blues (Would die if these had beautiful, jewel-like finishes and ALL CAME […]

Love Sensuous Rose!

Honestly? I’m just excited when I go overseas and I actually get to buy cosmetics at a reasonable price! I see people balking at paying $40 for a lipstick, but that’s how much most MAC lipsticks sell for here. […]

Unfortunately, my favorite my-lips-but-better color, Shiseido’s The Makeup Shimmering lipstick in SL4 – it’s the only color I’ve ever really loved that makes me look healthy and glowing and works equally well on […]

I love the sound of this, it looks like the perfect item to add a bit of color and highlight at the same time. Your enthusiasm for it is contagious, too. I’ll have to give this a try when I can. Thanks, Christine!

I did a lot of research and ended up buying a couple of products that are fairly widely liked (I quite like the 2% BHA liquid [Note: it works equally well for me as Dermalogica’s BHAs, only less expensive – I get […]

I agree, I think it’s wonderful that Christine will just say that the eyeshadow kicked up powder, that it was patchy, that it was difficult to blend/much sheerer than the brand’s claims – it’s all information we […]

I agree, I think it gets a bit tough when every review someone posts is with a specific primer! – “I get all day wear with primer” doesn’t really tell us anything about the product itself!

I think that while that sounds like a good idea, in practice it might be a bit more difficult – I mean, what if we don’t own the same brand of primer as Christine? I think that different primers can have vastly […]

Actually, I haven’t! I have bought lipstick samples from eBay, but it didn’t work out too well – the little cap on the bottom was easy to take off, and I ended up being sold a full sized sample of the wrong shade. […]

I love Burberry Pale Barley or Taupe Brown (The Burberry sheer eyeshadow formula is my favorite!), Estee Lauder Projectionist mascara (for pretty, cleanly defined dark lashes), a little black eyeliner (I don’t […]

Hopefully he has some more neutral/universal shades – this would make me look quite ill. The formula sounds lovely, though!

+1 for the Guerlain Meteorites bandwagon! I splurged on the Wulong Compact and most days it’s all I wear for base product, it’s beautiful!

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