Miu Miu!

primer – spray – foundation – blush – powder – anything eyes – mascara – anything lips – respray

I usually use a lot of salicylic products!

I know this is off topic (I agree with the BB cream thing btw) but do you think you will ever go back to making YouTube videos every once in a while? I just remembered today how informative and nice it was to hear […]

I would wear any of them with a glowy cheek and no mascara (;

I have never liked orange ANYTHING. (except my hair)

Neapolitan Lane by Tarina Tarintino is the perfect neutral blush for many skin tones and it is one of the highest quality blushes I personally own.

When I am mega adamant about my skin care routine then I feel fine but if I’ve been slacking and have some breakouts I feel like I need ATLEAST a light layer of foundation

I have a soft sand from last years collection and I have NO CLUE what to do with it! It has never been used except when I tried to swatch it and nothing came out. I wanted to sell it online but I feel like that […]

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