This is so subtly beautiful! i love it. i have a birthday coming up and i’m hoping to get a trip to neiman’s in phoenix to try out (and buy of course) some tom ford stuff. i also want to hit barney’s for a surratt blush!

i’m glad i went for this one instead of the blue. i’ve been trying not to buy much in the way of beauty products lately, but this was only $15. i couldn’t pass it up. even though the phoenix summer really makes […]

framboise velours is gorgeous! i have one of the givenchy lipsticks and i don’t love it, but i just might have to try this color!

wow! i wish these would work for me because that color is beautiful!

i love the look! it looks great on you. i’ve been wearing more subtle eyes lately because, let me tell you, moving to phoenix in july is killer. i just haven’t been putting much on my face because its just so […]

i keep thinking the same thing when i see that lipstick!

this looks great and right up my alley for blush-soft and subtle.

i love red lipstick and have many, but my long-time favorite is rouge d’armani 400. its a totally classic red, lasts a long time, is comfortable to wear and is super easy to apply. i also recently got one of the […]

skin tone: light nc 15ish
most long-wearing foundation: dolce & gabanna perfect matte…its the only one that will stay on my nose!
longest-wearing blush: armani (the new ones)
longest-wearing eyeliner: […]

i usually skip chanel because it just seems sort of average to me…nothing exciting. i love this look though. if you can really get the shadows to look how they look on the model, i’m in. i love the combo of the […]

i love the subtle blush and eyeshadow.

oh no…i like all three of these. you are killing me lately with all of these great products! i don’t see the “makeup worn” listed on this post. do you remember which eyeshadow and blush you were wearing? you look great!

this looks beautiful on you. it would probably be good for me…i have a lot of redness, so i don’t like a really pigmented blush. i’m also pretty pale so it would probably show up just enough. i’m going to be in […]

302 is so pretty. i don’t think i have any pinks that are quite like it. are these permanent shades?

i’m sure you will let all of your readers know if you make a big move. if you do decide to move to phoenix, i’d be happy to help with anything you might need. are there other places you are considering? if not, […]

is the blue eyeliner one of the aqua matics or is it something else? i love that shade of blue.

i’m moving to phoenix because my husband is opening several restaurants in the phoenix-metro area. my father-in-law just moved to gilbert, which is nice. we were thinking about living there, but my kids are […]

this looks gorgeous on you! i will be moving to phoenix in july and cannot wait for all of the shopping opportunities! i went to the mall in scottsdale a few weeks ago and told my husband that his wallet was […]

i was hoping these would be great.

wow! in the first shot, your eye looks almost bare except for the inner corner. you usually pull out a great look, even with dismal products, but this just does not show up! it must be a total dud if you can’t […]

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