Um…I don’t want a melted chihuahua anywhere near my lips. Worst product name ever!

these would be my top choices too

i like all three of these…perhaps that is why i have dupes for each one?!

i love the look you put together for these. the warm eyes and cheeks paired with the cool lips is stunning on you! i really hope the are permanent-too much of my $$ is going to moving at the moment.

your vanity is gorgeous! where did you find those containers for your brushes? brush storage is the most difficult for me. i just can’t find something i like. your’s looks so sleek and easy to organize-like […]

that purple eyeliner looks fantastic in the promo pic, but chanel pics are usually deceptive…i’d be really surprised if it looks anything like that IRL.

why beetle and black artist, why can’t you be opaque? i’m sure they would look great over something, but i’d have to see them in person first…i usually hate gloss-i’ve purged all the ones i had.

Black??!!!! i can’t wait to see these. i hope they are super pigmented like a lipstick.

love your look! i already have the cream shadow and plenty of dupes for the blue, so i won’t purchase, but i don’t think i would have thought of putting the two together on my own.

How is this formula compared to OCC lip tars? i have pagan and while i love the color, i HATE using it because it is such a pain and it’s pretty uncomfortable on my lips. if this is better, i might have to get […]

100% with you on foundation. when i find a great color (rarely) the formula isn’t great, but when i find a great formula, i have no shade match.

i will agree with you on the pointed q-tips. i like the q-tip brand ones, but walgreens sells some that are pointed on one end and flat, sort of like a paddle, on the others and i actually like those […]

i was pretty sure, just from pictures of the compacts, these wouldn’t be for me…i was right! i love the eyeshadows you have on though. are you going to review those? i usually don’t like NARS eyeshadow, but […]

wow! usually when you give something an “F” you still manage to create a look that is at least decent. this looks truly awful! i don’t mind sheer/translucent eyeshadow, but this is just bad. i think i could rub […]

have you tried any of the wet and dry silk eyeshadows? i wonder what the difference is and if it is as good as the glow formula seems to be.

This is one for me, too. I thought i would love it, but the shadows end up looking sort of muddy on me.

i was thinking i might get the new NARS palette instead of these duos. i know the colors are different, but how do the formulas compare? they sound like they would be similar.

i was going to get this just because it’s a tom ford cream color-i’m glad it is as great as i thought it would be. i’m so bummed that i only have platinum and spice-i will be getting every one that comes out from […]

i saw swatches of these shadows on line a few days ago. while they look beautiful, they look nothing like the promo images. i wish brands would be more accurate in their advertising. the promo look is drop dead […]

i love this look!!! what is on your lower lash line? it looks so bright and fresh with the eyeshadows.

do you think, maybe, jade is supposed to be sheer. when i saw the first mentions of the eye tints and the […]

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