Thank you so much for the response guys 😀 I’ll definitely place my order now 😀

Hi christine,
These look so awesome. I want to get a couple of them but I’m worried: what happens to the sponge tip after a while? do they get messy and sticky

Aaaahhhhh…. too cool toned for me! I usually liked the Viva Glams so far… I guess I’ll pass since I have GAT

I’d say the harsh Kim K contouring…. I’m seeing every possible MAU do that and it’s a thick layer of super light under the eye which makes a woman look so fake… I cringe!!!!!

Thanks for this review babes 😀 I was making a list for a huge MUG order for my birthday next month. This looks perfect. I just wanted to know about other specifics since I’m oily and have huge pores on my cheeks :)

How would you compare them with the high end ones in general? I’m liking all the pinks here :)

I love Mac’s dangerous too this season . Not to mention so chaud

Why does it look so similar to MAC’s MSFs on the skin? but then I want to try something from DIOR so bad.

I would wear rio ike a blush… everyday!!!

lust on special occasions & adored on just the top of my cheeks!!!

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