Congratulations! I must admit I have been checking Temptalia everyday for the past three years, I’m an addict :p
Keep up all the fantastic hard work Christine !

I have the Naked palette and the Lorac Pro palette, they are both very nice but nothing compares to the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette. It was a limited edition palette that came out last year around the same […]

Do it !
Jo’mina is my all time favourite nail polish colour. It is such a unique purple !

Same, Illamasqua has amazing wear !

So mad about them not carrying it ! It was my perfect mascara !

Pretty much anything waterproof will help keep my super straight lashes curled, but I’m always on the lookout for a non-waterproof formula that holds curl. The best I have found is Fairy Drops mascara from […]

I’d where Honey Jasmine with a nice navy smokey eye !

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