Based on swatches, I only want: Barberry, Plum, Black Cherry and Juniper. *Pats self on back… then realizes there are only 5 lipsticks* My aching wallet!!

SO EXCITED!!!! *Falls over dead*

The collector in me wants all 3. I don’t like any of the colors in the regular line enough to spend $50 a pop, but the gold packaging and the duo chrome in glass are really speaking to me. They will be beautiful […]

These look sooo pretty! I am tempted. I was not interested in the Christian Louboutin nail polish thus far. But the nail photos of these on Nordstrom are almost enough to seal the deal. I just need to see some […]

I would wear the Melted Metals alone and over various lipsticks. I prefer not to wear lipstick in the summer (most days), so I will mostly wear them on their own.

Nice to see Too Faced expand the line and with a new texture as well! Jelly is the only one that grabs my eye online, though. Can’t wait for the reviews!

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