That looks like a weapon. Why that kind of applicator?

Be nice to yourself! You rock!

Thanks for these swatches! Do you think you could tag these under Isabel Toledo (or have it show up under the launch)? I had a hard time finding the reviews on the actual products! Appreciate your hard work!

Most excited about Yom Ford blush and Hourglass lip treatment.

The final look is pretty at least!

Happy New Year and thanks for another great 2014 of reviews!

I’d wear Mocha and Plum on the lid and Black in the crease!

I would use the Hourglas blush palette first!

MAC Satin Taupe or Maybelline Color Tatoo in Chocolate Suede (my choice as of late when in a rush).

Carmen first!

It says “See more photos & swatches! ” but there are nos watches yet.

Wow this is a lot of stuff. I can’t wait to see how the eyeshadow colors look!

I would use the Sephora gift card to get Sunday Riley skincare products, particularly Good Genes!

I think you have the wrong title for this post, based on the question….

Well done!

Christine, which of the palettes is your favorite? Also, which is most unique?

I would use the orange in the crease and the brown shade next to that on the lid. Use the darkest brown (second to last) in the outer corners.

I have this and like it a lot!

Why “Smellan?” So confused!

Ok I’m scared. I said the exact same thing as you in the same order before opening the link, Christine!

Pretty! I like the tip of using a transition color!

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