I adore neutrals, but just couldn’t stomach this price!

$50 and it’d be a no brainer though =/

always wear sunscreen

MAC Bad Girl Riri with naked 2

Does close contact compare to pure decoration?

I use mascara as eye liner to get it last on my waterline

purple smokey eye

I’m most excited about Sephora

Oh my gosh I love Superfly!!

I’d wear them on my waterline, but the naked palette and winged liner

over a brown smoky eye!

Ahhh! I wish they’d ship here. They always have gorgeous advent calender sets as well but the laws don’t allow us shipping :(

Clarin’s latest look amazing. Between this one and the 10 shade palette they are really catching my eye lately!

I gravitate to sweet scents in the winter. My 2 faves are Demeter Cake Batter and BBW Vanilla Bean Noel!

Wear sunscreen everyday

Use a color corrector and then concealer (I like bobbi browns)

Was really excited to hear about the sets. Still not within my price range though!

I like the sheerness of this actually. Looks great on you!

Wow I am absolutely shocked at those last 2 shades. That is just inexcusable!

Love this palette! I’ll be picking this up as soon as it comes out!

I love nude lips, but Nude is way too brown for my tastes!

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