Agree…love the liquid lipstick formula!

Missed out on last year’s Kat Von D palette and have been trying to get my hands on it ever since…Will not miss out on this years! LOL

In person this palette is so much more amazing than it looks online.. I was not going to buy it and then i swatched it in person at Macys and had to have it…really beautiful and the texture of the shadows is amazing

Agree…doesnt even show up …

I got this in the mail and used it today…very dissapointed in the pigmentation…just doesn’t show up on me and i am not much for the no makeup makeup look…why bother to spend the time putting on makeup to […]

Where oh where can i get this? I cannot find it at Sephora online or in my local store at all….REALLY WANT IT lol

Wow…this is the only one i didn’t order because it didn’t look like much online in the palette…Now seeing the swatches and applied i will have to get it also! Looks great on you

Pointed nails please go away!

I cannot find this in stores yet. …

I ordered this and shipped it back already…the colors all looked too similar on me – there was no way I could have a complete eye look with this palette without using additional shadows and i feel that is a deal […]

Gorgeous collection! Eagerly awaiting swatches!

This collection is mundane. …nothing new here at all…..

so sad…i recently bought Blissful from them and was very dissapointed in the quality and application…same with the blush in the matte palette…loved the eye shadows but the blush was awful

Thank you Christine…I got both of the New Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Shimmer Illuminating Powders after seeing your Review and LOVE THEM BOTH

This collection does absolutely nothing for me… This would probably sell better around October. …

I am salivating lol these colors look amazing

I received mine today and after reading your review may return it…it is beautiful in the container but your swatches have put me off of it a bit

I checked the mall today and they are gone..nowhere to be found

i much prefer the prior version as well…very sad i didn’t know they were going to be discontinued so i could stock up

Sooooooooooo Sad they discontinued the Diamonds! I loved mine and if i knew they were going to be discontinued i would have purchased backups for the ones that are now hitting pan!!! Ugh

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