Tibetans are normal people just like you – this idea that they are all “monks” who “never shop” is a racist stereotype. They are also persecuted and their culture destroyed and many of them have been driven out of […]

1. I’ve never bought a MAC product and never will because of their despicable collaboration with Rodarte, where they used the murders of women in Juarez, Mexico, as a marketing gimmick.

2. Chanel because Coco […]

Any idea if it’s going to be released internationally? Or is it a Sephora exclusive?

NARS blushes or OCC lip tars

That was Fenberry from the Berry Collection. They rereleased it for a couple of weeks last Christmas as well (it was my Christmas gift to myself), so keep an eye out on their site – who knows, they might bring it […]

I have 4-5 backups of my favourite lipsticks, Catrice’s Pink Me Up!, Fox Nox and My Red Card which I first bought more than a year ago. When I was moving to a place where Catrice isn’t easily accessible I decided […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Sleek foundation shade Bamboo, equivalent to NC40-42
Best brand for lipstick? Catrice
Best brand for eyeshadow? MUA
Best brand for foundation? Sleek (it’s the […]

This, exactly. Marketing is really insidious, because they do psychological research on how to get at your insecurities and make you question your self-worth. Luxury products definitely trade on the “aspirational” […]

I completely agree! It’s appealing to people’s urge for conspicuous consumption – some people would rather buy a $100 item than the exact same thing for $10, because of the perceived (not real) value of the item. […]

Sleek, of course. It’s affordable, excellent quality, and they give you tons of product. I’d recommend the first ones I got from them (when I was new to makeup), especially if they have warm skin tones: Life’s a […]

Wear “night-time” colours – bold lips etc – during the day time. I don’t normally go out at night so when am I going to wear so called “night-time” colours, which I love?

I love black for my eyebrows. My eyebrows are naturally black anyway, so brown looks unnatural on me. I use the Sleek brow kit in Black, which isn’t jet black but a very very dark grey. I’m stunned when I catch my […]

Most people are talking about eyeshadow, but I actually find that a crimson/blood-red lipstick brings out my eye colour the best, even if I’m not wearing any other makeup. Somehow the red colour on my lips brings […]

Serious question: what makes a woman not “respectable”? What could possibly make any woman unworthy of respect, whatever their life choices and circumstances?

Catrice is my favourite brand for lipsticks. I’ve never found another formula of lipstick that I actually like. They’re so lightweight they feel like a balm, and so pigmented that they look like a perfect (usually […]

NARS blushes, Sephora lip stains, OCC lip tars

I’d wear the bright orange and gold colours together.

I had the same experience with the Balm Stains- except they turn coral/orange for me – and I’ve seen one review where they mentioned the same thing. It completely defeats the purpose of having multiple shades if […]

I only tried one – the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, and I was so disappointed it put me off the all the Jumbo pencils. It feels strange on the lips, changes colour 15 minutes after application, and has a nasty […]

Looks similar to one of my favourites, Sleek’s Life’s a Peach. I love the yellowiness, it looks very natural on warm-toned skin.

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