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The color shows up darker on me than it does on Talia. It pulls a little more purple as well. This color stays on FOREVER and the pigmentation is incredible! It is creamy and smooth and the price is great for a product this amazing! Pure perfection.

When I first swatched this product, I thought it looked terrible and chalky and not pigmented at all. For some reason, I bought it anyways. When I applied it over my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (which I use as an eyeshadow primer), it looked pigmented and beautiful! It is still a little chalky and hard to blend, but it does look beautiful. The…[Read more]

I wear this color almost every single day. I love it WAAAY more than Naked Lunch, which I’ve never worn since I bought it and tried it on once. I found that Naked Lunch was chalky and not pigmented at all. All That Glitters is a beautiful champagne/gold color that looks wonderful applied all over the lid. It is buttery and smooth, easy to apply…[Read more]

My favorite lipstick of all time! The color shows up more purple and quite a bit darker on me that it does on Talia. I adore this color beyond words. One swipe of this color and you have amazing pigmentation. Even though the price is steep and I would never want to pay $34 for a lipstick again (since I’m only 18 and don’t have a high-paying job),…[Read more]

When I tried this color on my lids, it was extremely patchy, super sheer, and would barely come off on my lids at all! All That Glitters is the way too go. I wish I could return or trade this color for anything different.