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want.’em.all – too much prettiness!

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This is like a cooler version of MAC Gulabi (Mickey Contractor’s collection, not sure if you remember), which is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. Bonus is the feel good factor of all proceeds going to […]

Ooh, that Coral Burst looks like my true love ;)

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Now only if Rocket looked so good on me – it totally washes me out :( Gorgeous on you though – both Button & Rocket – gotta love ColourPop and their range!

Marsala is such a flattering colour of the year. Its always better when the colour of the year can be worn on lips, cheeks and eyes – makes for a better trend.

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I’m so glad Colourpop is getting some love on your blog. I’m in love with these lippiestix and feminist is stunning on you. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Thanks so much for being a swatch hero. Happy you did so many before the VIB sale :*

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Mellan is so cute :*

Thanks so much Christine for doing this, I am a big fan of the new range and when you go to sephora, they don’t always have the entire range. So now I can easily shortlist the ones I want and order online :D

Hello, just got three of these and I “blame” you, enabler, you! In love with these!!!

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I thought I was done with MAC’s LE collections, I guess not :/

These are freaking GORGEOUS. Thanks for the swatches and review, Christine!

looks like the one palette to beat them all!

At first, I was like what’s this new brand? But dang, those purples – so vibrant and gorgeous!

How disappointing. On the other hand, a big thank you to you, because if it weren’t for this review, I’d have purchased all four palettes. I thought Stila had some of the best eyeshadows out there…

Blood Orange is gorgeous on you and all three are recommended :D

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Gosh, its stunning – perfect spring/summer shade.

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out of all the NARS summer reviews, this is the one I really wanted to read :) Such a pretty shade, though.

I’m so disappointed by seeing B/C’s – always expect A’s from the balm. Oh, well!

THAT green gosh, it is exactly what my dream green looks like – SO, SO PRETTY! Otherwise, I don’t care for the rest of the palette much. Too much colour I’d never use, but it is visually appealing :)

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Finally a multiple gets a good rating from you :)

I haven’t bought a single one so far because these don’t fare well in your books. Will definitely need to check this out and it will make a lovely colour for spring.

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