Fuchsia blushes and blue medium pink tones.
Burberry Hydrangea Pink, Armani 507 Flesh, Mac Peony Petal, Mac Bred for Beauty, Mac Whole lotta love are some of my favorites.

What about these bronzers ?????????? LOL !!!!!!!!!!
Meredith & Derek
Mulder & Scully
Monica & Chandler
Chuck & Blair

I would love to practice my skills on all the KARDASHIAN sisters !!!

PINK and PEACH BLUSH is all I need !!!
1) on the apples of the cheeks
2) on the eyelid
3) on the lips mixed with lipbalm

Burberry Midnight Brown or any purple eyeshadow.
Purple instantly defines my brown/hazelish eyes and no liner or mascara is needed !!!

Armani especially for lipsticks and lipglosses !!

I love brow pencils for their convenience and I have tried most of the eyebrow products on the market. My favorites as a pale and cool toned brunette are
– Anastasia pencil in Medium Ash
– Yves Saint Laurent […]

Yes totally agree that Brows and Cheeks are the most important features that frame the face.
My cheekbones are my best feature i think and i love playing with my zillions of blushes, bronzers and highlighters […]

Dior Lip Glow Balm

NUDE NUANCE blush by ESTEE LAUDER anyone have a dupe ?
This is the perfect nude blush for my pale skin and I cannot find anything else like it !!
I agree with the need for more true nude blushes.


Don’t make me chose between these two !!!!!!!

Yet it would definitely be a Rouge D’Armani !!
But I can’t decide which one 502, 503, 506, 509 or 523 ?

– Moisturiser with SPF
– Concealer
– Lipstick
– Face Powder

How does Rendez-Vous (87) compare to the shade Romance (55) ????

These are some new items coming out this fall which i really really want !!!!
1) Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lipsticks
2) Chanel Cream Bluh
3) Clarins Face and Blush Powder
4) Clarins Forrest Eyeshadow Quad
5) […]

SISLEY PEACH BLUSH definitely !!!!
It gives me such a natural glow and it goes with everything.

It would be interesting to see a cosmetics line of Ralph Loren, Tomy Hilfinger, Dona Karan and Louis Vuitton !!


YSL Cream Blushes they have a lovely texture and are so very easy to blend

Sheer blushes are best as they are easier to control and give a more natural glow effect.
My favorites are:
– Mac Sheertones
– Chanel Joues Contraste European version
– Sisley Blushes
– Armani Sheer […]

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