Eh, they look underwhelming, to be honest.

That is seriously pretty!

That is one stunning picture.

Your enthusiasm for these made me smile, Christine. :) It’s lovely to read. I’m waiting for the right shade to splurge on one of those. I’m eagerly waiting the rest of your reviews!

I’m pretty pissed they reformulated the line, because I really liked it. I swatched a bunch of the new Rouge Cocos a few days ago, and I wasn’t impressed – too sheer, too translucent (I’m sure some will love them, […]

I feel for you Christine, always habing to try painful formulas. I never buy Chanel eyeliners you give bad rating (I always know whether they’ll be painful or not according to the way they swatch, though), but I […]

Handsome, handsome boy! Your Mellan pics never fail to make me smile. :)

Damn, that’s bad.

Damn, the rating sure is disappointing. Your swatches looked so pretty!

They look intriguing…

Lovely look, Christine! And such pretty colours.

Damn, that’s a lot of Temptalia recommends. :)

I’m really happy. :) I was so spoilt!

Awww yeahh, a full look! You look great, girl. :) Chanel Dragon really is something…

Haul: *erm* I was spoilt rotten this Christmas. From my mother: Chanel Cheeky blush and Tissé Rivoli quad. From my sister: Nars Iskandar liner, Chanel Audace Rouge allure gloss and Rouge Coco Orchidée. I also got […]

The colour is quite nice, butfor the price tag, I’d expect an A… And it’s the only piece that has caught my eyes as of now. On the whole, this spring collection feels so uninspired.

The name made me smile. :) I’m impressed they managed to come out with a good product, since this colour can be quite tricky.

What a nice look, Christine! I love how sultry it is.

The first one looks great!

It’s not a particularly original quad, but it looks sooo lovely! I love those warm tones.

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