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I recently purchased this for a special occasion after wanting a Tom Ford blush for a long, long time, since everyone and their cousin seem to rave about it. Now, Tom Ford Beauty is insanely expensive, and I’ve heard that the quality of some products is subpar for the price, so I chose carefully.
Lovelust? Well, the quality is amazing. I have to…[Read more]

I’m wearing Vertigo as I type! Now, it’s not a colour that will appeal to everyone: it is sort of nondescript. There’s a bit of dark grey, brown and mauve. Unfortunately, the reddish shimmers visible in the bottle do not show up on the nails, except under bright light. I suspect they might be what gives the colour this depth.
All in all, Vertigo…[Read more]

Oh- now here is a duo I love! Both shades are very pigmented, smooth and blendable. I find they compliment each other very well. The brown shade is infused with coppery shimmers which give it quite a bit of depth. It’s my favourite brown eyeshadow! The light champagne shade is a wee bit sheerer, which I think is perfect because it allows you to…[Read more]

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a great product for me. I know a lot of people love this formula, but I have a hard time making it show up on my waterline, and it fades and smudges quickly and unevenly. It’s much more even and pigmented if I use it on my lower or upper lash line, but the staying power, while decent, is not fantastic. It also…[Read more]