I have never owned a refillable lipstick but I don’t think I would ever need one, I’m having trouble getting them empty!

I gave my sister NARS “Orgasm” and she loved it.

I love the concept of this palette but I am not into lip palettes at all. I like being able to toss them in my bag for touch ups. I love theBalm’s creativity though!

I am such a sucker for powder that looks like the Hourglass one. It could be the most basic of colors but the unique colors in pan draw me in. I need to step away from blushes 😀

I think so, with cold weather I tend to be bolder with my makeup. During the summer I get annoyed with heavy makeup so I tend to just wear tinted moisturizer and some lipstick and call it a day. In the winter I […]

Wow it looks beautiful!! I have two Milani products I picked up in America and I am disappointed I didn’t pick up more I really like their products. Good quality.

I am a repeat offender, epsecially with bluishes. I see a blush and think wow that is awesome and come home to find similar colors. NARS gets me everytime.

Can it be spring yet I am ready to bust out in corals!

I have a lighted vanity mirror mounted on my wall and a small magnefied mirror mounted next to it. I do not mess around with my lighting lol!

Why oh why does Germany not carry Revlon products…excuse me while I cry in a corner :-(

I preffered lip gloss back when I was in high school but as an adult I love lipstick. Lipgloss is so messy in my opinion and it gets stuck in my hair all the time

Well today I wore Bootycall on my lid, Tease on my outer v, and Snakebite lightly deep in the corner of my eyes all from the Naked 2 palette. Then MAC’s Shroom on my brow bone and The Balm’s Mary Liu Manizer in […]

I am fairly new to layering lip products to create new looks. I was always very “red lip, red lip liner” but I am now enjoying mixing things together but I must say layering lip gloss is one bandwagon I can’t seem […]

This packaging is gorg! Must have it! Since reading your blog, I have changed the way I purchse makeup in a good way. I used to think I needed every MAC or Urban Decay product. They went untouched, and I realized […]

Liquid glitter liner, my drug! Besides NYX, I have yet to find a decent glitter liner. Well, at least in Germany. I guess there is not a demand for glitter here :-(

Normally only when I go to a club or on New Years.

I would have to say a Barry M blush from June of this year. It lays untouched, bought it on a whim. That is what happens when I buy things and don’t research. Oh and MAC’s MSFN in Medium Dark.

The last thing I dropped was my UD Naked 2 palette, nearly had a heart attack since I have hardwood floors. Thank God that packaging is so durable, nothing look phased :-)

MAC Viva Glam 1 (Ru). First red gloss that didn’t settle into my lip lines. Not a fan of Mac lately but this gloss was so nice!

I second the glittery eye shadow!!! I also think hair dye could be more true to the box, but I just dyed my hair so I’m being spiteful :-) I really love glitter eye shadows and it seems I have yet to find a […]

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