Hourglass Icon! If I apply a lip pencil underneath, I only need to reapply after eating something oily :) But it fades evenly and is such a powerful color on me!

Try Illamasqua! Their shade “Burst” seems closest to what you’re looking for :) They do seem a little pricey, but they’re quite a generous size and I’ve never encountered an ill-performing Illamasqua shadow :)

As a make up artist, I can tell you that anything aside from the real Asian BB creams are all a marketing scam. All you need to do is dilute your standard foundation with your moisturizer or primer to get the same effect.

Black Dahlia is such a beautiful color!

I’d love to use these tones to bring out the blue in my eyes… Such gorgeous colors!

I’ve never tried the original Ruby Woo because of the dryness of the formula. I’ve heard this one is slightly less dry so I’d love to give it a whirl!

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