Yeah, definitely. But that’s also because without makeup I look very young and I barely look my actual age when I wear my usual makeup, so people tend to think I’m a lot younger without makeup! Which I’m sure I’ll […]

I’ll wear it 5-6 days a week most of the time, but if it’s summer or I’m on vacation…maybe three days a week? four? definitely not as much or as often, although sometimes I like to do something special because I […]

The shadows look nice, but they’re such basic shades and at that price point, I’ll pass. for $59 I could buy the Naked palette and get 12 full size shadows

Nope! I love makeup, but I also love being able to take it off if I want to.

Urban Decay Demolition, but it’s been my go-to since it came out in the Naked set, so that’s nothing new

Is this any better than MAC Blacktrack? It looks really nice, but if they’re about the same in quality, I’m not going to spend $8 more on this one

These look really nice, but to be honest, I realllyyy wish they hadn’t put the shirtless guys on there. It just seems kind of tacky. Other than that, the packaging is adorable!

These look nice but I wish they would have picked some different colors-I already have Sin and Half-Baked from my Naked palette, so I might as well just buy the other shade on it’s own. Too bad though, these would […]

10% at Sephora!

I’d use the purple to line my waterline for a pop of color.

This looks beautiful, but I just caved and bought Naked 1. I don’t have many eyeshadows or even neutrals though, so I might get this one

I love the colors in this set, but the glitters kinda ruin it for me. I already have sensitive eyes, so I definitely don’t want to risk anything that’s listed as “not eye-safe” and I don’t really use body glitter or anything

It’s pretty disappointing that they haven’t included anything for regular BI members. I’m a BI, but I’m lucky enough to have a VIB friend who’s offered to share her friend code with me :) Not everyone can do that […]

I might just be getting one of the two, so which would you recommend out of Balm Voyage and Vice 2? I don’t have Vice 1, but I do have Naked 1

Ooh, I might have to pick this up. Would this be a good starter palette? I recently started wearing eyeshadow and I have a few that I use, but not a large variety of colors.

I already have 6 UD liners, and I definitely do NOT need more. I might have to pick this up though, because there are so many new colors and it would be great for splitting up some that I have dupes of and gifting them

The bareMinerals eyeshadow-I’ve been meaning to try their formula!

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. It works really well, and a tube lasts forever, I’ve used it probably 20 times and small size is only about a fifth gone

I love the color, but I’m a little confused about why they’re shrinking the size of some blushes but not others. I got Sugarbomb about six months ago and it came with a ton of product-0.42oz, and still does, as […]

I’m a little shocked that you didn’t put Burberry Trench on the list, haha. Then again, it’s a more dupeable shade

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