OCC is completely gone, but you can buy it in store up here….. Not happy as I only get occ through sephora.

I looked at my wishlist and literally half the products won’t be shipped to Canada. I’m talking about KOH GEN DO, LAURA MERCIER, YVES SAINT LAURENT, OCC, Bite, Tarte, Toofaced and Urban Decay products as […]

Yeah the sentenct struture should be clarified to

and for every sale, Kat Von D Beauty will also donate $1 USD to the CWC, with a goal to raise $100,000.

As it is currently stated it sounds like it will […]

That’s beyond annoying. If it’s an online it shouldn’t really matter!!!!! I can understand if it’s on a shelf, but really????!!!?!!?!?!

I want a list of brands now Sephora. >_<

I guess it's just this LE […]

I have to laugh at that even though I was just diagnosed as diabetic. lol

I just adore this simple pressed powder as well inside candy hearts. (Crossing fingers on product quality)

How Deep is Your Love? and Love Hangover I’ve been eyeing since they announced the new formula. Look forward to your reviews!

When I wear mineral foundation some just transfer one my phone and others. lol

Otherwise lipstick is the only other product I wear that transfers.

I’ve personally seen other zombie blood transfer onto […]

Urban Decay, Kat Von D, MUFE, Sugarpill, Makeup Geek, NYX, and ColourPop (I’m not sure how they are going to keep this pass up in a couple of years. lol)

Also will also count Estee Lauder, not that all the […]

I’ve done that a few times where I start a video while writing/photo editing a post and completely miss the video. lol

Most of the time I watch a tutorial I feel like rummaging through my stash to check out […]

A lot of vamp shades for fall, but I’m really curious about the Creme Lipstick Opal, I like a stick version of glosses idea more then actually lipglosss which doesn’t last on me for more than 3 hours. lol

I think I’ll pick up either Pinch O’ Peach Peachy or Pink Swoon now that they are permanent. I always like satin blushes from MAC but shade wise I only liked the LE ones. lol

Hmm, not directly…. I’ve had nightmares I forgotten to pack thing for my cosplays, like the body paint! I’ve also had dreams about going to IMATS Toronto weeks before the show and wakeup wanting to be there. lol

I wonder if these will replace the Magic Lumi primer which was pretty close to pure white. I hoping these will not be close to $20 CAN like that one as well, but I would not mind trying the Ice Lumi out since it’s […]

Don’t know, never had one. lol But the services in my area are more expensive than say in the GTA as well. I think for most people in Canada it feels like you’re throwing your money away.

Although our minimum […]

I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this palette, “I don’t need this one, I have shades like it, but it has pastels and a light orange…. oh look it got a good mark!” O___o

I’ve been trying to narrow it […]

I know that LA Splash as a line of matte with shimmer ones called Studio Shine Lip Lustre. That combo is rare, I’ve only seen one more in the Anastasia Beverly Hills line.

1. Being able to work with my hands.
(I love to sculpt, but it’s not a sell-able skill in the modern work world)

2. Just being able to play with the products, colors, and different formula.

3. Not having […]

There is just somthing ablout pale colours in these matte formulas that just doesn’t work. It’s a shame that VICE is following this trend because I really wanted that one.

Sundae is a really vivid shade, I […]

I’ve been seeing these all over social media this weekend!!! *_*

I’ve been craving more matte shades but the price point for even the cheapest made them expensive to ship into Canada.

Tulle is really cool […]

I agree that brand was a different beast 15 years ago!

Their 8 and original 6 pan shadows were excellent. I also own a number of their trio’s. (Which all these shadows are depottted into 3 Z palette in my […]

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