Foundation always had a fake look to it. But that was mostly bad colour matching in my high school on girls in the late 90/2000’s. lol

The ideal of beauty was unattainable. I honestly also at that time, though […]

This formula from Laura Geller is divine, I wish this brand was sold in Canada. I don’t like using sites like as they too need to make money and the shipping charges keep adding up. lol

Echo is a cool colour, but I can mix something like it with eyeliner which is what I’ve doon in the past. Witches might make it into my backet. I LOVE the finish of it and I can use it to mix. I also only own and […]

Haul: Nada!

Weekend plans: Work. Also started on Wensday, tearing up my family’s front lawn to put in a walkway to the porch by hand. But will be less work than the patio though. O____o

What motivates you?: […]

These definitely give Make Up For Ever a run for their money because the size it close to theirs, but I also prefer to slip single into a palettes.

I even did that for all my Sugarpill eyeshadows converted them […]

I was wondering if noble was close to Colourpop Vice but with the swatch search is definitely lighter.

I still want one of the two shades […]

I’m really hoping they improved the formula on these. Colourpop is basically the same product but their formula has been perfected.

Photosphere and Dynamo I’m interested in.

Easily MAC Ever Hip. T-T of course it’s LE though.

It is hard to find ones that are more dry in texture and not too creamy. Most don’t last on me if they are emollient.

But the ones I love and do use it the Annabelle CC concealer in light currently and in the […]

Haha yeah but it looks so pretty! Ton ford pans are usually large so you better hope it lasts a long time. But if it’s LE then why bother.

The description of the formula of the Liquid-Lip-Potion remind me of Too Faced Melted and Joe Fresh long wear liquid lipstick. Both dry down to a satin-matte […]

I was debaiting between How Deep is Your Love? and this one but thought that Love Hangover would be the best fit for my fair skin tone. Glade the finish is a satin!

Avoid Limited Edition products! They are a company’s way to grab attention but there is nothing more frustrating when you finish a LE product, but you can’t buy it again. Or you get compliments on a product, but […]

Nah, you’re not the only one to have issue with this palette. Allura Beauty also was having issue with some of the same shadows as well. Which makes me think there was a batch issue. […]

I should say that the Naked Smoky you have Christine seem to have way more issues than mine. I’m wondering if the press sample or first run was a bit off because the shades that were in the C and D range are […]

I used MAC PREP + PRIME Primer with a mineral foundxation and my foundation literally flaked off my chin in patches. O_O Thankfully, it was low light dance but I panicked when I saw myself in the mirror. lol

I’m soo pissed off all the shades I want are sold out on the Canadian website (just went to place an order last night!), but these swatches makes me feel better about my choices in my wish list though. 😉 […]

Haul: From Sephora
MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Y215 and sample in 117 = Y225 Marble
Sephora Summer Tote BI 250 PT Lipstick is the Answer! What was the Question? (Wish it was […]

These are shades that I like, but I’ll wait to try them out in person.

I’m expecting these will be full size pans?

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