I noticed that too. Although Tonic reminds me mostly of Grifter with perhaps a bit of Asphyxia.

Late, but these are honestly boring. Very similar to already existing or recently discontinued shades. UD used to be interesting. No wonder I’ve moved on. Lol.

Gold and purple are my top two. They’re essentials for brown eyed ladies. 😀

Wish I had it in my budget to buy this at the moment. Hopefully it will be back on Hautelook next go around.

Those cupcakes are awesome!

Sugarpill Tipsy!!!<33333

Urban Decay's Graffiti was probably my first green eyeshadow. I wish I was brave enough to wear it at the time. Lol.

My most used green shadows are all from Stila's In the Garden […]

I shouldn’t be spending money, being that I had to buy a new car battery and such, but I couldn’t resist. It’s payday, after all. 😀

Online haul:
-Makeup Geek shadow pans in Drama Queen, Preppy, Beaches and […]

Honestly, I am the same. In fact, your comment made me realize that quantity can at times be just an unintended nuisance if you are a makeup hoarder. Lol.

Oops. I thought it said “quality,” not “quantity.” Lol. So I voted incorrectly. I would say it’s “somewhat important” instead of “very important.”

Quantity is not as important to me as quality. I think the only […]

That’s such a bummer it was ruined. :( But if you ever order from them again, it’s standard to wait that long, sometimes a month more. They act as basically a storefront on behalf of the company. I think they have […]

I’m pleasantly surprised that Cindy-Lou was on there. They just released it and I already got it for 50%? Awesome!

I think the only technically matte lipsticks I’ve tried and like are the Rimmel Kate Moss ones. They’re kind of creamy, opaque and have decent staying power. I also only find them slightly drying overtime, whereas […]

I am glad UD is starting to resemble more how they used to be with this palette. I first fell in love with them back in the day before all of the Naked palettes and they were considered “edgy.” This palette looks […]

You honestly don’t see how your comment is problematic, considering you’re someone the company is idealizing and catering to? I mean, you’re telling people of color this “isn’t offensive” when you don’t have to […]

Six at the most, but can personally only keep up with a couple seasonal and one permanent anyway.

Lol. A few people of color thrown here and there when their packaging is over 90% white people really is NOT enough.

I agree that it’s disheartening that they choose to use people on their packaging and almost all of them are white. I hope they seek opportunities to be much more diverse in the future.

I am signed, sealed and delivered by some of these shades. I’ll probably order some one of these days. I love TheBalm.

What gets me is that there are other companies who give you more quality product for much less. It feels like upping the price is purely for profit because they know people will still buy them, not really due to inflation.

This is just beyond adorable and the products look lovely, as to be expected by TheBalm. However, I echo others when I say I wish the blushes were powder. But that’s definitely a personal thing. I have difficulty […]

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