I had a pretty good haul.. The Laura Mercier artist palette, Too Faced Melted in Jelly, Bite Beauty Butter Cream in Rosewood and Clinique Rose Pop (and the Rouge birthday gift)

They already arrived last night. […]

That is astonishingly affordable for MUFE… I can’t wait to see how these perform!

I’m glad Urban Decay is embracing color again. These are so much more exciting than the Naked glosses

Yep. Still want all of them (especially Debutante and Jelly). Thank goodness for the upcoming VIB sale

Wow, Berry Strudel is a neat color! It actually looks like it might be more wearable than a lot of similar purples.

(Also FYI, all three colors are currently labeled “Apple Crisp” in the text portion of the review!)

I love the colors! Everything is so fresh and pretty!

I really ought to have some sort of spreadsheet or filing system, but I’m too lazy to start one. I do have a facebook photo album called “nail polish colors I need to stop buying” from a time I took photos of […]

I was worried about the sheer quantity of new releases MAC was springing on us this month, but the quality is low enough that it isn’t disastrous for my bank account at all.

I do quite like Call the Hairdresser […]

Oh man, if these review well, I’m going to need a whole bunch of them! Jelly is stunning, and Macaron and Tu-tu (although I’m not really seeing a difference between Tu-tu and Peony…) and Dream House and […]

Packaging first. If the packaging doesn’t catch my eye, I probably won’t bother even looking to see what kind of colors are included unless something is getting rave reviews. If the packaging is amazing, I’ll […]

I’m the opposite: Online I beeline right for the specific product I’m looking for, but in the stores I want to get my hands on everything. my hands are always completely covered with swatches by the time I’m ready to leave.

It’s getting easier now that I’ve hit saturation and nearly everything that comes out is a dupe of something I already have…

I’d feel better about expressing an opinion if these were photographs, and not artist’s renditions of what the product could look like…

Bright colors and pretty packaging. And nail polish.

Stick a nail polish on an endcap with a sign that says “NEW!” and I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame (case in point: today I’m wearing “Watch out or […]

Rose Riot is SO pretty in the pot! That swatch is tragic, though

My first impulse was that I NEED Acai… But I have Fashion Revival and Rebel and UD Venom (and I don’t wear any of them as often as I thought I would because they all turn out a lot vampier on me), so no, I don’t […]

I haven’t thought about it in specific numbers before, but I suspect it’s more of a percentage. If a brand has dozens of excellent products, I’m willing to forgive one or two duds (especially if it’s an […]

Did they borrow MAC’s product naming team? This is right up there with that nude “Oxblood” they recently put out

What score would you give these if they were only marketed as dry powder blushes?

Wait, are they actually suggesting that people should walk around like they’ve applied Instagram filters to their face?

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