I don’t really gravitate toward this color, so I’m hoping another color in the range that’s more my speed performs this well. Fingers crossed!

Good for you Christine!

Loving this color over the other one. I might have to snag Chanel’s Tan de Soleil before this though for $50 for a bronzing product. Definitely would like to pick this up in the future.

Artline in Aubergine by Lancome.

I tried the Lightening Liner at Sephora yesterday. It was horrible. That might be partially to the fact that it was a tester, but I could not get a smooth even line no matter how hard I tried. It was gloopy and thick.

Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing how this performs!

Aw. I mentioned in the Sneak Peek that I was looking forward to this review. Kind of disappointed now.

Kind of love the Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo. Looking forward to a review to see about fallout.

Haha! Love this response.

Metallic Violet is speaking my language.

Reel Sexy and Make Me Gorgeous are really speaking to me.

Christine, how do you like the Origins Ginger Souffle body cream? I’ve been thinking about giving it a try.

These are all so pretty!!

Boca is beautiful. I was really looking forward to the purple, but it looks more fuchsia than purple on the lips.

Some of these look amazing! Looking forward to the full reviews!

My beauty related resolution was to cut way back on buying new products AND use more of the products that I already have. I have also committed to wearing different looks and experimenting with my makeup more. I […]

I’d wear this palette everyday.

The packaging is beautiful, but the quality of those shadows and cheek colors is terrible. It makes me sad when high end brands put out something that under performs this much. For $58 I expect a lot more.

I know it’s Tom Ford, but $44 for a teal mascara? I just don’t know how you’d get enough use out of it to justify the cost. I’m glad that the option is available for people who are so inclined though. I’d totally […]

I really love this. I actually don’t own ANY MAC eyeshadows, so this seems like a great opportunity to try several for a decent price. I’m going to *try* to find this. It’s MAC LE though, and we all know how that goes.

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