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Naked 3 very pretty eyeshadow palette in pink color spectrum. With Naked 3 you can make a different makeup. No limit to perfection with a Naked 3 of Urban decay!

Glitter creates a unique beauty look to your eyes. See for yourself how glitter will make more beautiful your eyes!

Colorful makeup can be very different. For this type of makeup shades are used bright, pastel colors, shades of berry, neon arrows and DC ….. The correct choice of shades of color in most cases, depends on the color theory, personal taste and characteristics facial and eye color.
Anastasija GERRA. MAKE UP.

Summer Makeup should be easy and tempting. The colors are preferable to skin tones: pink, gold, pastel, also pearly, but the trick should always be fresh and natural.
Anastasija GERRA. MAKE UP.
Anastasija Gerra

Eye makeup – a special art and rather complicated, learning the techniques of make-up you can every day to change their image and become a true master of transformation.

There are three types of makeup Oriental – Indian make-up, Japanese and Arabic. The last and is considered the most popular. He and unique, and has a wealth of colors and brightness of the East. Oriental women prefer to emphasize not only the eyes but also the lips and cheeks. Therefore, the trick Arabic – and glowing skin, bright blush and…[Read more]