I can’t help but wonder if someone over at Urban Decay isn’t a Transformers fan… both Shockwave and Vortex are colors (in the pan, at least) that match the G1 Decepticons with those names!

I’m tempted to get […]

I’d probably do my normal full makeup (foundation, lightly filled-in eyebrows, full eye makeup, Blushbaby blush, dusting of Dim Light, a rosy MLBB sort of lipstick or lipgloss probably), but using the Naked 2 […]

I collect Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents, LOL! So no, I definitely don’t wear the same scent every day. I might find one really suits my mood and wear it more often (I’m currently really loving Red Lantern), and […]

Coconut, vanilla (or better, vanilla orchid), tea, snow, incense, sandalwood… if there’s patchouli in it there has to also be a death note alongside to keep me from wanting it!

My biggest favorite is the red […]

I mostly just keep them as backups, but some I have put with my art stuff to use painting doll faces. Chalk pastels work much like powder cosmetics, and resin doll heads don’t care if a brush is scratchy!

I love Playful Honey, that’s gorgeous! (I chose Look 3 on the list since Playful Honey is three in the post, but it looks like the numbers/names don’t match what’s in the post?)

Also I have the old X blush, […]

I bought this the minute I saw it was available, but I actually found the color NOTHING at all like my previous tube of Gash! Mine is super old, in the metal shotgun shell tube, so that may have something to do […]

I only have worn Urban Decay’s glitter liner (though I have one from Stila, also) and haven’t had any issues with it getting in my eyes. I LOVE it. Really love it. It’s sometimes a little tough to get off, and I […]

No! The boss has a few bottles of cologne in his office he puts on sometimes, his wife wears Angel liberally, I don’t know what this other guy wears but it’s really nice, me and one of my co-workers are BPAL fans, […]

If this was more opaque and less patchy, I might buy it, but as-is I’m thinking of a Portland Black Lipstick Co order instead. I would probably most often wear it layered, but I need a good black lipstick in my […]

Eh, I’m 39, and glitter eyeliner is my favorite makeup item! And yes, I wear it to work sometimes. I like glittery eyeshadow too. Not age appropriate? I really don’t care!

That said, glittery blush mystifies […]

I haven’t found any perfume blind spots that I can remember, (and I enjoy BPAL, so I’ve worked a bit on identifying notes). But I work at a printer… everyone who walks in comments on the smell, and since the […]

My favorite is a past limited edition from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab… To Autumn. It literally starts out smelling like you are shuffling through fallen leaves on a just-barely-warm Fall afternoon, carrying a […]

Oooh, I love these. I’ve worn Spandex often, and my bottle has lasted for years and years. I don’t so much paint a line as dab until I get the coverage I want. I typically use it over regular black eyeliner on the […]

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