I was happy to see the PS. I was going to ask for a roundup. What color pops would you suggest for someone that’s fair and with yellow undertone? I don’t have any color pops and I see how highly they are rated. […]

Is this compact refillable?

Thanks for updates! By any chance, will you be reviewing the Best Bite Remix set?

Mac, why must you put carbon in every palette? I loved this palette until I saw Carbon:(

Will you be doing any reviews on the MAC palettes?

Is it my imagination, but from the swatch gallery, it looks like blooming mad and stars n rockets are the exact same color. Am I wrong? Why would mac release an exact same shade, with a different name? If […]

I’m so glad this question came up. I love your answer! In the past, if something was limited edition and I loved it, I would buy two. One for use and one for backup. I stopped doing that because there’s always […]

#3 is my fav! What a beautiful look!!!

Wow!!! This is bad!!! I ordered both because I love the ombré blushes & I was afraid they would sell out, but after these reviews, this order will be going back to Mac. $30 a pop and for quality like this is wrong!!!

How does Ocean City compare with Ripe Peach?

I love this post! Thank you very much, Christine:)

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Where can I find this to purchase? Was it a Nordstrom exclusive? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere:(

Which one would you recommend for someone who is NC-15?

Thank you very much:)

In the review, you mentioned skipping the brush, what would you use to apply the meteorites? I love les tendres on you! I can’t wait for your review on les tendres:)

Where did you find the constellation palette?

Yes, I just ordered mine, as well:) awesome deal with the sephora sale & an extra 20% off!!!

Blaze looks amazing over Cult Nails Quench!!!

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