Very fair/MAC NC15
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey mixed with Almost Blush
MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Urban Decay Sin and Buck, MAC Next to Nothing, and Maybelline Brown Gel Liner
Face Atelier Ultra Pro […]

This is a beautiful quad, Unfortunately, it would look like mud on my complexion.

I’m just REALLY tired of all things that I have to use wet to get max performance. Why can’t you just have a quality product that I can use and enjoy without all the extra fluff involved?

MAC hasn’t really interested me lately. However, I may have to pick up Talk of the Town!

This is beautiful. Unfortunately it seems to be a little too warm for my skin tone.

Didn’t think I’d like that yellow. Now I want it!

Never mind about that price thing… for some reason I read the price of the quad as $64 which would be ludicrous! Anyway, you’d still be better off getting the permanent shades for quality alone…

It would be cheaper to just buy a four pan palette and permanent refill shades! MAC just doesn’t give me that fluttery feeling anymore when there’s a new launch. You’d think with all of the higher quality mid […]

As beautiful as it is, I just can’t bring myself to spend $30 on an eyeshadow single. Maybe if the money situation changes…

That purple is really pretty. Such a shame that it’s so patchy.

If the green was a little more pigmented, it would be perfect. And is it too much to ask for a company… ANY company to make a just phenomenal purple liner? Any suggestions?

Not the color you’d expect Tailor Gray to swatch… Interesting. May have to actually go to MAC and see it in person.

Is that you in your profile pic? If it is, then WOW! You look great!

I cannot WAIT for swatches!!! I always love them but have yet to purchase any. These may be my first…

I had a coworker show up with pink mascara… Just no… Why would you want to look like you have pink eye? Especially in a hospital setting…

How disappointing… I expect better from Inglot.

Wow it looks SO stiff in the pictures… Doesn’t look comfortable at all.

The swatch of Pink and Plenty is so pretty… too bad the product doesn’t perform. It’s a color I could see myself reaching for a lot during spring and summer.

Your skin tone/coloring: Very Light (NC15)

Least flattering lip color on you? anything orange/brown based

Most flattering lip color on you? Anything pink based. But usually something one to two shades darker […]

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