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I love milani’s baked blushes, they are soft, have good pigmentation and are so easy to blend. I like luminoso the best because it doesn’t have glitter, it gives such a nice warm shine to your cheeks. I also own rose gold and berry amore. I find rose gold was way too much shimmer/glitter so its hard to pull off if you are not sun tanned. Berry…[Read more]

Love this! All the lip butters I have are very soft. The pigmentation is medium in my opinion but I prefer it that way since i like a more subtle lip color.
The only bad thing about these is they don’t last very long on my lips like 2 hours but if I put a heavy lip gloss on top then i can get about 4 hrs if I don’t east.

This is a very good mascara to give length to your eyelashes, it was my go to for a while but it does tend to make my eyelashes stick together too much and this mascara dries much quicker than others. I can only use it for about 2 months then the formula becomes too dry.

Pros: The brush is very soft, sometimes I just like to pet it. It is very dense so it picks up powder well yet somehow it distributes the powder so wellis impossible to get a cakey powder application with it which is awesome. The shape of the brush and is small size make it very easy to powder the small hard to reach areas of the face. It also…[Read more]

The product feels like a gel on your face, it doesn’t smell weird, and it applies very easy it just glides through your face effortlessly. The problem is it does nothing for me. It doesn’t help my foundation last longer or makes its application easier or anything for that matter.

I own this in 07 barely branded and 15 audacious asphalt. I use these as an eye shadow base/primer when I don’t feel like using a real eye shadow primer. I put a very thin layer using my middle finger and then apply eyeshadow as normal. Barely branded is good for every day wear and audacious asphalt for smokey eyes.
The only issue with these is…[Read more]