I haven’t paid much attention to these, but when you posted the overview and I read Spring 2015 over that photo, I admit it gave me pause: that’s a hell of a dark collection for spring.

Unfortunately here in Europe, at least here in my country, these will only come out in mid February at best (from past experience). Technically it’s not even Winter yet and I’m begging for the Spring stuff, so the […]

Why Chanel, why?!?! Do you take pleasure in reducing me to the crazy lady in the counter in December asking when the Spring collection is out? Is that it? Is that it?!

I went back to the store today and tried out Sensible, but as expected it was literally invisible in my lips. Affriolant was too much, so I went for Extase, which looks subtle (except for the sparkle EVERYWHERE) […]

THAT does not look like a $50 nail polish. Uh, uh, no way. LOL

I do like S├ęduction. It’s bolder than I’m used to and, for someone who can’t stand anything on her lips, it feels very comfortable not just at time of applying but throughout the wear. They also made my lips look […]

Here in Europe we don’t seem to have Sensuel (11). Also, these look so glossy and nice. I have S├ęduction (18) and it definitely looks heavier/gloopier than any of these. I have to check Sensible again. It looked […]

At first glance the palette is gorgeous, but the look you created with it seems like something easily achievable with any neutral palette around. Nothing too stand-out. This is a pass for me. Thanks for your […]

Ooohhh, Sweet Lilac is a lot (a LOT) lighter than I thought it would be. Not sure how well that will go with my olive-y skin. :( Pink tonic is delightful though. :)

Well, out of 5 nail polishes I’m down to 2 […]

Tutti-frutti looks as lovely as expected, Mirabella is probably a little too pumpkin-y for my taste, but we will see (it’s much more yellow than Chanel Holiday, no?). Thank you so much for the eye candy while I […]

I just checked the nail polishes out in Nordstrom. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY CHANEL. *throws money* Damn you Chanel. Damn you and your beautiful polishes and damn you lovely Christine for showing them to me. ;D

FIVE nail polishes?! *faints* XD

I couldn’t reply to your other message (below) so I’m putting it here: thank you for your reply. I was obviously being very cynical and thinking of the brand point of view, but your last example really brought […]

Slightly OT, but you can get Hourglass (limited amount of products) from net-a-porter and Urban Decay from Feelunique or BeautyBay. They all ship worldwide (with some restrictions probably, so do check it first).

Why would you ship something from across the Atlantic when you can get it at the store (or have it sent out from London)? :)

From the list I’m seeing, most (if not ALL) of the brands not shipped internationally (at least to the UK) is because they are already sold there, at probably much higher prices, so Sephora is not allowed to ship […]

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