can you do a comparison post between the new and old formulas? i know you’re busy but i’m pretty curious. thanks!


wow $85 for 15 shadows is not that bad

how does this compare to the YSL city drive arty palette? i feel like the colors are quite the same?

i dont’ often comment this was a must comment post
nyx matte lipsticks!
seriously!!! so goooddd!!

olive green on upper lash line. champagne on inner corner!

how similar is this to inglots 344? i feel like they’re very close.

i hope you review these soon!! love the look!!

for those who haven’t tried it, NYX Chic Red is amazing!!! really worth it

that eye look is amazing! i love the color combos. i wish i had the guts to wear something like that out.

as highlighters!

wow these are a bit disappointing aren’t they. look at that chunkiness in the glitter. great for some night looks but the quality on some of these seems lacking.

woah nelly. those colors are stunning!

huzzah for science. had a bit of a minor laugh about this too. oh MAC pH is based on acidity/basidity silly

alas, :) thanks for all the swatches and hard worfk. ive been reading your blog for forever !

jenn is loving Tarte 2 years ago

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