Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Drugstore Treats from Maybelline’s Eye Studio Collection

Maybelline Eye Studio Give Me Gold Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows ($9.99) may be a mouthful to say, but it’s a surprising treat to be found at your local drugstore. Each of the Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows can be found in a palette with four shades in each, and there are twelve different varieties currently on the market.

I’m often left wanting more from mass makeup, but Maybelline really knocked it out of the park with their Eye Studio collection. (I’ll be reviewing two shades of the Marbleized Eyeshadows and Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliners later this week!) I’m a tough one to impress when it comes to “drugstore makeup,” and I’m just really glad I had the opportunity to try these so I could share a new find with you.

Give Me Gold includes four shades: a silky champagne-white, a yellow gold with shimmer, a copper-bronze with gold shimmer, and a chocolate brown with a little bit of gold shimmer. I particularly liked this palette because the shades really work well together; they complement and you can get some nice neutral-ish eyeshadow combinations out of it. I’m pleased to report that all four of the shades were well-pigmented, felt soft to the touch, and applied very smoothly.

The only real downside to this palette was the packaging, which looks so-so, but it does feel a little cheap and flimsy. It may not last if you carry it around in your makeup bag on a daily basis, but if you just take it with you for travel from time to time (and leave it at home most of the time), I think it’ll be fine. I found the cover of this one snapped off, but I was able to snap it right back on.

Other than the packaging not wow-ing me, I’m pleased. The product itself is the most important part, and it was standout. Definitely some of the best eyeshadows I’ve tried from a drugstore beauty brand. You can definitely expect a look from me in the next day or two with these!

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: If you’re looking for eyeshadow on a budget, Maybelline’s new Eye Studio palettes may be just right!

Availability: Maybelline, Target

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49 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye Studio Give Me Gold Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Roxanne

    Did someone say… look?! :)
    Hope they release it here.

  2. daphne

    I’m impressed, they do look very nice! I got one of the marbleized shadows, the pretty lavender one, because it’s not a color I have in higher end makeup and not one I’d use enough to spring for (it’s funny how people always say brown-eyed brunettes look best in purples – among all my brights I *never* use purple).

    I am not universally wary of drugstore makeup but I do almost always avoid the eyeshadows…because really, even if pricing is a concern, I can get an Urban Decay palette for about the price (or less!) of 9-10 colors of drugstore shadow and have much better quality. BUT I did really like the Maybelline one! The quality of the pigmentation did not last all day when I wore the shadow, but I found that only the color faded slightly (which happens to me with most shadows, even the best, truthfully) and I had no creasing over Painterly.

    This quad looks like Ricepaper, (a lighter) Goldmine, Amber Lights, and Twinks :) It’s a very pretty assortment of colors! If I didn’t have it dupeable I’d grab it but I will see what other varieties they have released.

  3. I was so tempted to try these, but I’m not too crazy about drugstore shadows either. Now I think I will give them a shot. The purple set was really tempting. Can’t wait to try the marble shadows either. Wonder if they will rival MAC?!?

    • The marbleized shadows seem pretty good to me so far, but since one of the downfalls of MAC’s mineralize eyeshadows is the fall out, I gotta play with these some more!

  4. I love it 😀 I want it!!!!!

  5. montrese

    I really like these & I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented & smooth they were. Definately gonna get a couple more! :-)

  6. LiLi

    Have to agree with Christine– Could be kit worthy (always up for budget alternatives!), but the packaging is not something I want to whip out infront of a client.

  7. Kristina

    Wow, that packaging looks straight from 1982. I like nice packaging, how apropos that you had a post today about that very subject.

    Eye shadow is a type of makeup that I covet a pretty casing (along with lipstick). I couldn’t bring myself to have this on my vanity. lol.

    Why does drugstore have the most tacky packaging?

  8. The colors are really vibrant and pretty. I saw them in the drugstore, lately there have been a lot of good drugstore collections.

  9. Claudia

    I bought 2 of these sets, don’t remember which sets I got but I really liked how they swatched!

  10. Anna-Marie

    Wow, you know what’s hilarious? I was just googling “Best Gold Eyeshadow” before I refreshed your page, since I look at it on a daily basis, and saw this just now! Wow. good timing? 😀 I’m sooo happy to see these! Wow! They’re sooo pretty! I want to run out and get them as soon as possible. Is there any way you could do looks from this? I think it’s amazing. ^_^ Thanks Christine! <3

  11. Laura

    I’m so glad someone finally reviewed these! I’ve been telling everyone I know about them, since I was so pleasantly surprised at how pigmented and shimmery they are! I’m usually a HE girl, but these really are good shadows. A few tips for anyone who gets them though, if you want vibrant color payoff (like how they swatch), use a finger or a sponge tip applicator. Brushes seem to diffuse the color in these, so if you want a softer look use a brush. Anyways, I’m waiting for a Maybelline BOGO somewhere to get at least 4 more!

  12. Anitacska

    Looks pretty. I only own a couple of Maybelline quads and they’re pretty rubbish, but might check these one out if you’ve given them an A-!

  13. QQ

    Walgreens is having a sale of 40% off on Maybelline eyes makeup, they also have coupon in store for the Maybelline Studio line, so if anyone wants to give it a try, i think this is a good chance. $4 something for these, it’s a good deal. =D

  14. Make_up_maven

    Maybelline is rocking lately! With these and their color sensational lippies. I might be a convert! Thanks for the review and pics! Can’t wait to see the look!

  15. Stacey

    I’m glad you reviewed this! I saw the palettes in a magazine and didn’t know if it was worth it, since most drug store eyeshadow makes me sad in the end 😛 Thanks!

  16. Wow these have got to be the most pigmented drugstore brand eyeshadows that I have ever seen! Gotta check them out sometime.

  17. I knew I should’ve bought these! Funny that the one that you swatched was the one that I wanted. However, it kind of reminds me of Maybelline’s Expertwear Eyeshadow in Bronze Glitz Trio, which I love to death!

  18. I’m happy with Maybelline’s new eye products, I bought 12 shadows/ mascaras/ liners from the new line, they’re so cheap when they’re on sale.
    Their baked shadows are so pretty, and their new gel liner is wonderful- the brush it comes with is great!

  19. Sixx

    Hmm…I’m a little surprise you gave this an A-…although I like the texture of these, I’m a little disappointed w/the color payoff. It seems to look pigmented at first swipe, but as soon as you go to blend it, the color fades away.

    • Really? Didn’t have any problem with it…

      • Sixx

        My opinion is based off of a different shade– “Madly For Mauve”, i think it’s called…so i wonder if there’s a difference in quality in the different shades..interested to see what you think.

        • I’ve only tried this one and Green With Envy (though I haven’t worn that one yet), but they seemed the same to me… hoping to check out some of the bolder palettes, too, to see how they do true color.

  20. Jess

    wow,im shocked! its so pigmented :)
    & the colors are beautiful.

  21. Heather

    I’ve been wanting to try these! Every time I go into Walmart I almost pick one up, but the price is what gets me. A little expensive for a drugstore brand. I think I’ll still try one though. Thanks for the review!

  22. Fari

    I saw these at CVS a few weeks ago but never bought it because I didn’t want to end up with yet another crappy palette that often happens with drugstore makeup. I’m glad you reviewed it! I think I’ll pick one up the next time I’m at the drugstore. Thanks!

  23. I got one of the Eye Studio quads and didn’t love it. I had a lot of fallout and lots of glitter all over the place. I do like the color combo’s and how rich the shades are versus a lot of other drugstore varieties I’ve used though.

  24. Great pigment on those! Way to go Maybelline! the bronze color looks like a dupe for MAC amber lights :)

  25. alisha

    mac dupes:

    retrospeck, goldmine, amber lights, bronze

  26. Myra

    This is such a amazing line! I tried it on a whim after I read your review yesterday and boy am I impressed with the quality. I rarely ever buy drugstore makeup but I this is totally worth it. I’m really loving the “sunrise surprise” palette. I think I will get the “green with envy” too. Thanks for post Christine – if it wasn’t for this I would have never bothered. You’re the best!

  27. Suki

    The colors look like a dead ringer for one of the quads from MAC’s Spring Forecast collection.

  28. Luisafer

    looks nice :-)

  29. natalie

    it looks like the new colour forecast palette for mac!!!!

  30. Marthe

    Were can i get it? i like it so mutch! 😀

  31. jhene04

    i just bought this one the other day and it’s super pretty! i love it

  32. Whoa, the bronze one is pigmented! I kinda like this palette ^^

  33. Paola

    these are great shadows by maybelline…hey guys don’t hate on the drugstore eyeshadows…you’d be surprised sometimes…the bronze glitz trio by maybelline is amazing!!! i just bought some palette from wet n wild…color icon they are called….4.99 for 6 colors and they are so pigmented!!! i love them…thanks christine for giving the drugstore gems a chance :)

  34. Danni

    This color quad is similar to the “coffee shop” quad for covergirl. Its also not as shimmery

  35. Abby

    I LOVE THIS ! I’m very particular about the shades and sparkle-factors of my shadow and this one is perfect! It’s so pigmented and makes my blue eyes pop amazingly. I wish there was more of each shadow in the packaging, but the price and product quality make up for it. I’ve reccomended it to all my friends. I hope they never discontinue it !

  36. I bought this quad a while back here in the Netherlands. Only typical thing about it is that over here it’s not called give me cold, but Coral Drama. The colours are the same, but the name is different.