Friday, November 15th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How many sprays of perfume do you apply on average?

  • 3 (28%, 1,292 Votes)
  • 2 (26%, 1,197 Votes)
  • 4 (16%, 738 Votes)
  • 1 (10%, 460 Votes)
  • 5 (9%, 410 Votes)
  • 6 (4%, 205 Votes)
  • 10 or more! (2%, 105 Votes)
  • 7 (2%, 72 Votes)
  • 8 (1%, 62 Votes)
  • 9 (0%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,556

(If you do not wear perfume, then this wouldn’t apply. :))

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31 thoughts on “How many sprays of perfume do you apply on average?

  1. To be honest, while it’s usually 2 sprays or “tips” of perfume, it really depends on the individual fragrance. Same for lighter fragrance formulations – some are good with 2 spritzes, some need far more.

  2. 10 sprays? Really??? I actually lol’d when I read that, but then I realized some people actually chose that option?!?! That definitely explains why I often get migraines when I’m in public places and why some people smell like they literally bathe in perfume.

    I chose one, btw, I sometimes apply two if it’s a weak perfume, but never ever more. Sometimes I wish I could apply a tenth of a spray, lol, some perfumes are just too much for daytime.

  3. At 30 years old I still have not grown up enough to use perfume. They all just seem to have that perfume smell that I can’t deal with, much like no matter the herbs used, tea tastes like tea!

    • redshift87

      I have the same problem. A lot of commercial perfumes smell very similar to me. I don’t know if I’m just sensitive to the alcohol, or they all tend to use a similar base or what.

      You could look into perfume oils, like the ones sold by Haus of Gloi or Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Their scents have a really wide range and while there are certainly still families of similar smells, no two are exactly like. Maybe because perfume oils lack alcohol, they don’t really smell like “perfume” to me. They smell like the actual thing they’re trying to smell like; an apple orchard on an autumn day, for example!

      And actually since I’ve been wearing perfume oils for a while now and my nose has gotten more educated about different notes, I’m finding I can tolerate more and more traditional perfumes because now I can detect and appreciate their differences.

  4. I tend to wear oils, and it depends on how strong the oil is. Some are so strong, a tiny dab is all I need, and some it’s impossible to go overboard on.

  5. alyssa897

    For actual perfume: One spray on left wrist, one spray on neck/hair, two sprays in the air that I step into. 😀

    Body sprays/splashes, fragrance mists, etc: hair, wrist, ankles, air, hair, other wrist, back, coat, purse, hair (in case I missed a strand LOL), stomach area, chest area, lots of sprays in the air to walk through 😀

    It does vary on the perfume and where I’m going.

  6. CatherineM

    I mostly use 3 sprays, but those are all only ‘half-sprays’. One half on my hair, one half on my neck, and whenever I’m wearing something with a low neck I’ll add another spray on my chest. Over the years I found that this works the best for me, as the scent is evenly distributed and not to heavy in any place.

  7. I feel like I spray so much perfume after looking at this survey! I do one on each wrist, elbow crook, behind both ears and once on the neck! I’ve never been told my perfume is over powering, but I think that might be because I wear really light and fresh scents.

  8. Jo

    One onto my wrist to transfer to the other and then dab on my neck and then one over my hair/to step into. Who uses nine?

  9. Laura_Lou

    I can’t believe the average is 2! I feel like I wear loads. I do one spray on each elbow crook, one on my neck, one on a wrist (I rub my wrists together), then one spray in the air which I walk into. No one has ever said my perfume is too much and it doesn’t run out really quickly but now I feel like I wear loads!

  10. Candace

    I usually do three sprays across my collarbone, but if it’s a light or one-note fragrance, I tend to spray the inside of each forearm too!

  11. Eep. Less than one — I’ve got a stupidly keen nose, and a full spray of even my most beloved scents is just too overwhelming.

    I just ordered a bunch of tiny bottles, though (roll-ons, 1 dram droppers, etc), so hopefully I’ll soon be able to wear all of my favourites as “drops” instead of sprays! :)

  12. Veronica

    I hardly ever wear perfume, but when I do, it’s one spray on the right wrist, then touched againt the other wrist and neck. I’m allergic to floral perfumes and hypersensitive to many others (Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde had me gagging and nauseated until I get home and scrub it off), so I try to be empathetic to people with similar issues and keep it subtle.

  13. Susan Dowman Nevling

    It depends on the fragrance, weather and what I’m planning on doing. Usually one spritz, sometimes 2 spritzes.

  14. I usually do a spray on my left wrist then dab that onto the right wrist, then another spray on each side of my neck…so 3 typically :)
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  15. Sometimes I’ll do more than one spray, but more often than not I keep it to one. During the day I’m in and out of elevators or working in smallish work areas, and I really want the fragrance to only be detectable if you’re very close to me. Otherwise I think it’s too much because so many people are sensitive to fragrances.
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  16. When I have spray perfumes (not now, they’re at home and I’m away at college) I usually do two half-sprays, one at each shoulder/collarbone area. Now that I’m at school, I have some travel size splash perfumes – I usually put a dab on each wrist and dab my wrists on my forearms and shoulder/collarbone area, and then rub the rest on the back of my neck.

    I like for people to only really smell my perfume if they are very close to me. When someone walks by me and I get the full-on experience of their perfume/cologne, I feel nauseated.
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    • Nornee

      I agree with Melissa. Only people who are very close should be able to detect your perfume. I spray once on one wrist, rub my wrists together, and then rub my wrists on the pulse points behind my ears.

      • Nina

        I agree, your perfume isn’t ment to fill the entire room.

        But you shouldn’t rub your wrist together since it’s ruining the structure and molecules of the perfume :)

  17. i definitely do 2 if it’s a nice perfume… for body spray or perfume from victorias secret, it’s like 3 or 4 just because they don’t last as long on me if i do 1 or 2.

  18. Always exactly 4: one on neck, one on each elbow and one on my stomach (how weird!) :)
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  19. beck

    I know you should go with the less is more philosophy,
    but I can’t help myself sometimes I do 2 often times 4.

  20. I usually limit myself to two full sprays: one full spray to the left wrist, which I then rub to the right wrist, and then rub each wrist in the crook of each elbow. 1 half spray into cleavage and then 1 half spray to my fingers which I use to dab on the pulse of each side of my neck.

  21. Valentine

    wear what you like and loads you like and whenver you like. i don’t look for others opnions. btw, my daily dose is 4 sprays – 5 sprays.

  22. Esmeralda L

    If I use perfume, it’s 2 sprays on my shirt.
    I dont spray it on my skin, because I get allergic reactions. I only spray in the morning when I go to work, and that’s it.

  23. zainab

    I only want mild sillage generally (so if you’re standing less than a foot away you can smell it but not be knocked out by it). Two sprays, one on my hair and one on my wrists in usually plenty, but it depends a lot on the fragrance (I have one that’s a powerhouse with one spray for example).

  24. Nina

    I layer (mostly two) Jo Malone scents, since they are mostly simple scents (in a god way).
    So I use one stay of each.
    I spray them on my collarbone or neck :)

  25. Katie

    I must have a very sensitive nose, because any more than 1 spray is overpowering.

  26. Emi

    Just one usually, occasionally two. I think it’s best if you only smell someone’s perfume when you’re close enough to hug her – more than that is just too much, and can really bother people who are sensitive to scents and/or have allergies.
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  27. Wow I feel weird lol. I always use 3 sprays: One on my upper chest, one between my tatas, and one on my stomach. I always wonder if anyone else can smell it since I put it all in one area, under clothing. I don’t use it on my wrists because I wash my hands so much, and the perfume always gets washed off. I wear expensive perfume so that just seems like a major waste. I guess I’ll start trying it on my neck! :)