Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Do you wear different makeup when you go shopping? I’m a power shopper, to be honest.  I generally hop to the mall to check out new MAC collections these days, but when I get the urge to go shopping for things like clothes, I am a super shopper.  I hit the stores that I know work for me (and my budget), which are stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Express.  Today, I probably went through $200 or so in two hours in three stores (the ones I mentioned), and I actually tried everything on in-store.

I hate trying things on in-store, but whenever I do, I have to wear neutral makeup.  I think it might result from the fact that I prefer to match my makeup to my clothes, so if I’m rockin’ bright blue eyeshadow, when I view myself in a red shirt, it looks sooo off.  I needed a break from dogsitting the two beasts, which meant a nice detour to the mall.  I planned (or thought) ahead, so I just went with a minimal face of foundation and nothing else.  And I came out with plenty of new summer clothes!

What about you? Do you wear different makeup when you go shopping?  Does it even matter to you?

It’s such a quirk, so I thought I would share. :)  By the by, Express is having a fab sale on all that is summer–tanks, camis, shorts, etc.!

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36 thoughts on “Makeup & Shopping: Does makeup matter?

  1. lala

    most def. …I wear natural looking make-up when I’m going shopping…down to like comfy clothes ..because I know myself…even though …I haaaaaaaaaaate trying to stuff on at the stores..I have to try the stuff on at the store lol

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I wear shoes that are easy to take off, too, LOL. OMG, I hate trying on things, too! But ugh, I also hate to return things.

  2. Kharina

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for the heads up on the Express sale event…I’m so there! About my make up (and clothes for that matter) when going out shopping…I like to just wear something black as a top (I own waaaayyy to many) with jeans, and for make up I slap on lipgloss, blush, black eyeliner on my waterline, and mascara. Why? Two reasons. One, when trying on clothes I H-A-T-E-D when my make up used to come off while trying on shirts or dresses and it always messed up my face (I’m making myself sound like I have a big head…I don’t) Two, I know I’m probably going to hit the cosmetic stores as well and so I take advantage to try shadows I’m curious to try. GOTTA LOVE SHOPPING!

    • No problem! I rarely shop there (too pricey – I think the quality is just okay; it used to be higher, but not so much lately, IMO), but they had some incredible deals! Of course, I get home today and there was a $30 off $75 coupon in the mail, lol.

      I know what you mean about makeup coming off on the clothes!

  3. Shefali

    It depends for me. If I’m going after work I will have full makeup on, but if it’s during the weekend, I’ll probably do some lipgloss and O-Glow (b/c it doesn’t come off). Comfy clothes that are easy to take on/off. Although lately, I’m so freakin’ lazy, I just try things on over my regular clothes, LOL. It works…everything always fits fine.

  4. I’ve never really thought about this. Usually I like to get all cute for the mall, so I match what I’m currently wearing. Then again, I rarely try on clothes. I hate it.

    But when I do, I don’t usually look at my face, and only my body.


  5. I generally will doll up when I go out. Not too much, and not crazy colors, but I generally get 2-3 comments from sales people about my makeup! LOL! (Sometimes I think they’re just trying to sell me stuff, especially when the Mac or Sephora MA’s compliment me)

    But I try to look at the clothes regardless of my makeup. But you’re right, bright blue shadow with a clashing shirt would be totally distracting!

  6. karen

    the makeup does matter when i am shopping. not only color match, but the effect of my makeup will impact on my choice of cloth. if I was wearing a office makeup I will feel more comfortable in a classic look.

  7. I’ve not thought about this but I save my brighter make up for nights out anyway, so my daytime looks are usually neutrals/golds etc. I do the comfy clothes for shopping too, something I can pull on and off quickly in the dreaded changing rooms!

  8. I do not use make up when I am shopping clothes. Only wearing my favorite lipstick, because everything have to rock with that one.

  9. I usually just tightline my eyeliner, mascara (gotta have that!) and lipgloss. I HAVE to try on the clothes at the store cause there is nothing worse than having to go back and return things! Plus, since I usually have to drive some distance to do some real shopping, I wind up not returning stuff…I like those stores too, I also like New York & Company.

    • I agree… between returning or trying things on, I usually try them on! But sometimes I really am nottt in the mood to try things on, lol.

  10. Jules

    Mascara and lip balm. Nothing worse than finding foundation stains on garments. I don’t trust myself not to get lipstick on shirts.

    • OMG, I know, right? It ruins clothes you don’t buy, and then it’s VERY annoying if you buy it with your foundation stain on it, lol.

  11. I like to go neutral,with this kinda look everything is easy to try,NO WORRIES!

    I think im most different here ,lol.I love to try out clothes in the shop,it makes me feel comfortable coz i dont want the hectic thing changing them back,it sucks,REALLY!!I also love the tops like the grey that u r showing above.Mostly i love to buy SANDALS,they r my all time favourite and i have them more then 200 i guess it cud be more,lol.


  12. Nell

    Color matching is no issue for me, since I´m in neutral colors all the time anyway. But I like to look good when shopping to avoid feeling bad in front of all those mirrors, I hate trying things on in store!

  13. grace

    i try and look cute when i go to the mall. i knew my nude lip and green eyeliner combo looked cute cuz in the first 5 mins of being @ the mall i got hit on haha.
    but on that mall trip the mac artist was rude =(

  14. SOPHIA

    I don’t match my shopping and make up… it doesn’t matter to me :) when I am trying on stuff.
    I love HM, FCUK, and ZARA!!!

  15. I don’t wear much makeup when I go shopping. I love H & M too!

    • I’m sooo happy they built one here!! I got used to having them in SoCal, and they built one up in NorCal shortly after I moved back!

  16. Charlotte

    When I shop for clothes, I am concentrating on fit alone. I can wear every color except pink, beige/tan, and white, so I never have to worry my makeup making clothes not look right on me. I do always pull my hair back into a barrette, so that it doesn’t get messed up. I hate that.

  17. Alexa

    yeah when go to the mall i wear no makeup.
    mostly just because i want to try on more makeup hah
    but really im not a big shopper, i like clothes but i love makeup so much more!

  18. Candace117

    This is a good topic! I generally wear a military uniform to work and so the makeup has to be toned down for that. So ANY time I am in civilian clothes (be it if I wear them to work that day or if I am going shopping or whatever), I rock whatever bright looks I want. I’ve always loved bright colors so I have tons of fun and always put on something noticeable (I also wear some glasses so I think I do a lot of brights to help be visible). I generally buy clothes from the same color family so my makeup doesn’t really affect my opinion of clothes I do try on. Haha!

    • I’m surprised that there’s such a variety in responses (but that’s always good!).

      I buy clothes of ALLLL colors, lol! Maybe that’s why it’s harder.