Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Make Up For Ever “Lips to Love” Lip Look

Last week, Make Up For Ever reached out to me to participate in their Lips to Love contest, which is all about spotlighting their new lipstick, Rouge Artist Intense (you can see reviews for 13, 20, 21, 37, 43, 44, 49).  I had a few ideas floating around but once I found out that you could only use Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks (what can I say, I had visions of using Strass and liner and… yeah, which is a good thing, because it would have been way. too. much!), I took inspiration from a lip look I did a few weeks ago.

My Lip Look: I used #21 (shimmering bright red) on the very outer edge of the lips, and I applied it using a lip brush to get a crisp edge.  I then applied #17 (shimmering gold) on the center of the lips.  On a metal palette, I mixed both #21 and #17 together and blended the two shades together by patting on the color with a lip brush.  This gave it that seamless gradient of gold to fiery orange to scarlet I was hoping for.

There are seven lovely ladies who have all created their own lip looks, and you can check all eight of us here The winner gets to giveaway 10 traincases filled with the winner’s favorite Make Up For Ever products to their readers.  So the prize is really going to the readers, which is amazing! :) They are also giving out a lipstick to 10 winners everyday here.

You can check out all of the entries and vote for your favorite HERE!  Today is the LAST day to vote — good luck to everyone!!

See a close-up… and see my first [totally different concept] attempt!

My first idea was to do a violet to fuchsia gradient lip with leopard print.   It was a good idea in theory, and it looked awesome in my head, but I wasn’t feeling how it translated–it was messier and looked more like I had some sort of disease… LOL!  I think a really opaque liquid liner would have worked best for the spots, and I would also using makeup remover for where I wanted the spots, so that they would really pop rather than layering gold over pink.  (I actually used a palette knife to gouge the lipstick and dabbed the color on so it would be pretty thick and a little 3D.)

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285 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever “Lips to Love” Lip Look

  1. Cindy

    Love the look! Would you please do a tutorial on this look? 😉 Thanks!

  2. Melissa

    I loveeee the lip look…I think I might have to get those lipstick and try the same look. It’s awesome!!!

  3. Hilary♥

    OMG Christine, you’re such a talent!!! Those red lips are amazing!! The leopard lips are very pretty too, very orginal. Thumbs up!! Best of luck to you – I want you to wiiiiinnnnn!!! Team Christine all the way, yesss! ♥

  4. Malia

    BTW, I would love to this lip incorporated into a look sometime! Maybe a “perfect Christmas party/vixen” type look! :)

  5. Kendra

    Wonderful Christine! I like them both myself!

  6. Madeline

    Leopard lip is hot but… How long will it stay like that. :-(( great job!!!

  7. Claudia

    Well, Christine, if there was only one prize you should deserve to win, it would have to be the best lips online. Your lips are gorgeous,perfect and I guess that everybody in the beauty community can recognize them !

  8. Christina

    This lip is incredible gourgeous-totally love it!!! And of course already voted for you! You look stunning!

  9. Lorraine

    How do you keep the eye liner on your water line to stay all day.

  10. Jessi

    You look fab! Love the color!

  11. Luisafer

    you did a great job, yours was my fav, so I voted for you!!! good luck!!!

  12. I voted for yours not only because I love you and your blog, but because yours was genuinely the best!

    PaahhhlEEEEEze review that #17 gold one! OMG I NEED to see it!!!

  13. annie

    I love the colors you used and how beautiful they came out, I also just went to the make up forever page and voted for you. I think it great how you were one of the only ones to do a bright color and not a dark color.Beautiful on your skin tone even the leopard is cool to me!!

  14. Laura

    YOu look so beautiful! I voted for you

  15. asha

    tats gorgeous.. Good luck, Christine.
    Do u have the product used in this complete look ?

  16. Amrita

    I LOVE both looks, but the red one moreso. I hope you win! Best of luck!

    P.S you should start a series of looks like these (after you graduate, and have less stress, of course!) I’m actually a first year student (undergrad) and I was wondering if you could give any pointers on how to achieve and maintain a 3.5+ GPA?

    Sorry for the lengthy comment :(

  17. Lolly

    love, love, love, love it. Might even try to recreate it myself…

  18. Yvette

    Wow!!! Awesome looks!! I voted for you Christine

  19. Veronica

    You have such a beautiful shape of lips, Christine. I just voted for you because those red and orange lips, ah, you just gotta love them! And your warn skin tone makes you pull these lips off such an easy thing to do! I love the violet and hot pink leopard lips as well but I think the golden/orangey lips stand out more.

  20. MARGO

    much better pick the gold/orange/red combo especially with your hair color…hope you win!

  21. Jennifer

    Christine that look is amazing! I love that you brought out the gold in the lip with the gold eye liner and vice versa. A+!!! :)

  22. This is just so, so gorgeous! You look completely radiant! I really miss your fun and colorful FOTDs like this, it seems like you do a lot more neutral ones nowadays. I know you’re really busy though with school too :(

  23. Gretchen

    You’re well in the lead, girlie! ;D

  24. vikaki

    i voted you!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Pam

    hope you win! good luck!

  26. katia

    I really like your entry! Good luck.
    What blush are you wearing? Thanks.

  27. Diana B

    Wow Christine that red and gold lip is to die for. You’re awesome with lip combos!!

  28. Diana B

    I’m back I didn’t realize I could vote for you so I just did. You’re definitely gonna win your lips blow the competition away.

  29. Good luck! I voted for you–not only because I’m a longtime fan, but because I thought your look was the prettiest :)

  30. liz

    Even before I voted, I thought yours was the best.

    Turns out 12562 people agree as well!! 😉

  31. OMG Christine…..!!!! You’ve just GOT to win!!! I said it before and I’ll say it again: YOUR LOOK IS STUNNING!!! I swear that I’m trying to look at everyone else’s look in an unbiased way, but they don’t come anywhere near the professionalism and original, yet totally wearable look that you created! Bravo!!!!

  32. Wow, your eyes really pop in this look! Amazing!

  33. Thymine

    Even though I visit your site the most, I made sure to look at every other picture before voting. Your look was HANDS DOWN the best one there. Absolutely amazing combination of red and gold. +1 vote from me!

    Which blush is that by the way? Looks lovely on you.

  34. Wendy

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loves it!

  35. christine youre so pretty! I view your web everyday to see your reviews! Keep up the great work!

  36. Evelyn

    I love this look! I hope you win, Christine!

  37. Vijaya

    Good luck, Christine. I’m rooting for you!

  38. April

    Hey Christine, what did you do use on the rest of your eyes and face? It looks gorgeous!

  39. Evelyn

    Great look, kind of reminds me of a dragon, all fire and gold! :)

  40. Crissy

    I really liked your look best and voted in kind! Your lip color was creative and artsy, but still looked really pretty. :)

  41. ann

    i love this look on you. u look so gorgeous!

  42. telle

    LOVE Both of these looks, Christine!
    Voting is done and done! I hope you win! 😀

  43. ann

    you are so going to win! i just voted for you girl

  44. SDubois

    I voted and Good Luck..exciting!!

  45. Laura

    I just voted for you. Not just because I love this site, but because yours truly was the best!

  46. Angela

    wow this is so cool Christine!
    btw, what are on your cheeks?

  47. Tania

    Aside from being a fan, I do think your lip look is my favorite.
    I have been voting! Good luck!

  48. wow they both are amazing… i voted for you! (you are by far the best hehe :p) your eye makeup is my favorite ever on you as well!

  49. Anna

    Wow, both looks are beautiful! The red and gold lip is especially stunning, and it looks FANTASTIC on you! Bravo!

  50. Sash

    I love the lips!
    Happy Holidays and Happy belated birthday, Christine!
    Hope all is well.

  51. Dollymix8

    Amazing! I voted for you 😉

  52. Christina

    you look smashin!

  53. prettiest thing i’ve ever seen.

  54. DJ

    You won before I got a chance to vote for you! Congrats, Christine!

  55. maira

    Congrats chica!
    I love both looks.

  56. KARYNA

    i knew u had it u r gorgues lol or gourges lol anyway u deserve it. imma try the red w gold :)

  57. kheize

    wow!!love it!!

  58. Miss Silver

    Congrats! You deserved it!

  59. HuiNie

    I love the first look, very Pretty!
    Reminds me of the Gong Li’s lip in her movie: Curse of the golden flower 😉

  60. You got my vote! Amazing!

  61. Hi Christine!

    I love these looks! They are so cool! When you take a photo of your own lips, do you take it, or do you have someone else take the photo? The pics look so perfect.

  62. rayah

    what eyelashes are you using here?

  63. Laura

    I was totally blown away when I saw this. :O
    Are we going to be able to purchase this look from MUFE?
    Way to go Christine!