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Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipglosses: Metal Finish

For spring (although, these have been available at Make Up For Ever boutiques since last June), Make Up For Ever launches new Lab Sine Lip Gloss ($18.00 for 0.09 oz.) in three finishes with 35 shades in total.

I reviewed the Metal Lab Shines several months ago, when I first purchased the Lab Shines. My intention was always to review all of the ones I purchased (which is all except for three, which they did not have in-stock at the time), but I was never able to get through lip swatches for all of the new glosses. I do still hope to do lip swatches for them in the future, but for now, please enjoy swatches and photos.

The Metal Collection includes 9 shades and contains Make Up For Ever’s Metal Powder. This finish is supposed to have an intense chrome, mirror finish and be more opaque. All of the lip glosses have both hyaluronic acid and Camelina oil for help moisturize lips and improve elasticity. It is a non-sticky gloss with a slight, tropical fruit kind of scent. The scent is not overwhelming, and it doesn’t smell synthetically sweet. They are packaged in thick, clear tubes with a black cap and a brush-type applicator.

The shades included in this finish are: M0 (chrome onyx), M2 (chrome grey pearl), M4 (chrome tobacco), M6 (chrome hazel brown), M8 (chrome brown), M10 (chrome morello cherry), M12 (chrome sienna), M14 (chrome candy), and M16 (chrome frozen pink).

  • M0 is a semi-opaque black with silver sparkle. In the swatch, it’s certainly black and glossy, but it’s not 100% opaque, so on its own, it looks a bit messy. Definitely needs a very dark liner to make it look opaque.
  • M2 is a metallic warmed-up pearly silver. It’s very much the color of pearl, with a little silver cast. Kind of like a platinum shade. It’s semi-opaque with a frosty finish. Surely not designed to be an ultra wearable shade, but I could see it working for some more avant garde looks or layered over a darker lipstick.
  • M4 is a soft peachy brown with champagne beige and gold shimmer.
  • M6 is a darker brown than M4 but not by much. I had some streaking issues with this one – the color just didn’t want to lay down nicely for me. It has light copper and gold shimmer.
  • M8 is a plummy brown with multicolored shimmer and a semi-opaque look.
  • M10 is a raspberry red with fuchsia and ruby shimmer.
  • M12 is a metallic red with ruby sparkle.
  • M14 is a brightened pinked-coral with lighter pink shimmer.
  • M16 is a pale peach-pink with peach-gold shimmer.

Metal Lab Shines have a very smooth texture; they’re thick without being goopy, but they are very comfortable to wear. They’re some of the more moisturizing glosses I have tried, and with these lighter shades, I get about two to three hours of wear. With some of the darker shades, I have gotten up to four hours of wear. I’d love ’em more if they wore longer (three to four is average for me, two is below), but I do love that they have a huge shade range (that’s permanent!).

My big complaint is that these only have 0.09 oz. in them–the average lipgloss has about 0.20 oz., and even Make Up For Ever’s Fascinating Lipgloss contained that much, but they halved the size and kept the price. I understand these are a completely different formula and contain their various powders (Diamond, Star, and Metal), but whether that really merits what is in essence over a 50% price increase is up for debate.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: These are very nice gloss basics; they’re non-sticky, comfortable to wear, and there are lots of shades to choose from. The Metal finish definitely has a chrome look to it, and they are more opaque. If you’re after a sheerer or less metallic finish, I suggest Diamond or Star.


See more photos & swatches!

Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipglosses

M0, M2, M4, M6, M8

M8, M10, M12, M14, M16

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Why aren't there lip swatches?

As much as I would love to do lip swatches, I just haven't been able to get to these. Since they're now available for purchase through Sephora, I wanted to at least show you some swatches on skin than nothing at all. I hope to provide lip swatches in the future but could not give you a timeframe and thus would not tell you to rely on me for those at this time.

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21 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipglosses – Metal Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Alyssa

    These are a lot nicer than the other swatches. I have my eye on M14

  2. Vanessa S

    :( I dont like these too much. I guess i’ll pass.

  3. Virginia

    just a question about a black gloss. How can it be worn?

  4. baby in a corner

    how does m10 compare to the le metier de beaute lipgloss that you featured in the scarlet season. i was something comparable because LMEB is not available in Ireland.

    • Colette

      I happen to have the le metier de beaute gloss in question, and I can assure you that the texture will not be anything alike. Shadewise they are similar, but the overall look is quite different.

  5. Polly

    This is my fav finish out of the three…

    I might try M10, M12, M14 in person!

    The black one looks interesting, though not the shade I would wear. lol

    Thx for the swatch!

  6. Jean

    Wooow… Black metal… Don’t know where I’d wear that but I’m sure someone would find a way to make it look fabulous.

  7. Fey

    M0 and M4 are SERIOUSLY hot. I can’t wait to get these and play with layering!(Especially over my green/blue/and red lipsticks. It’ll be interesting)

  8. Jae

    ooooh, i likey! gonna have to try some of them on first though…

  9. AnGeLwInGz

    I like M0 and M16. No place to wear M0 though :(

  10. Rebecca

    LOVE M10 and M0, though I’m not sure how often I’d wear the latter. 😛

  11. now these look pretty cool :)

  12. Banan

    ok this is the best finish of the three but I still dont really feel the urge to get one…
    maybe M10 but…
    but I would love to see lip swatches though

  13. Marissa B

    I must have these – they look gorgeous!!! Completely my style, I think the black could be interesting over a shade like Show Orchid or maybe a nice matte red for a glossy deep color – gives me chills!!

  14. Jen

    Most of these are really gorgeous!

  15. Adelita

    I’m wondering if M10 will show hot-vampy-mettalic on lips….

  16. Kenneth Alan

    I’ll definitely be picking up the black one.

    But I wonder if you could just take MUFE powders and mix them with some clear gloss to get the same effect.

    • The real question is more like… how much of the powder would it take. Most of the glosses do have some tinted color base, so you’d probably have to mix with a colored gloss.

  17. I was just about to fall in love with some of these glosses when I realized that for one dollar more, you can get an Urban Decay Lip Junkie with 3x the amount of product. And I already know that I love those.
    Just can’t justify this.