Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Make Up For Ever @ Ed Hardy

Make Up For Ever Alliance artist, James Vincent (, served as the key make up artist for the Ed Hardy swim show on Friday, July 16th. James created a bold black eye and strong red lip for a glamorous, old Hollywood look.

Complexion & Cheeks: The skin was bronzed and dewy with highlights on the brow bone and high cheek.

Eyes: To get a neutral base for the eye, James applied Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow #156 up to the brow bone. He then created a thick rim around the top of the eye extending to the liner beyond the outer corner of the lid using Make Up For Ever Aqua Black, and he then went on to rim the lower lash line as well. He finished by applying two coats of Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash.

Lips: For a gorgeous pop of red on the lips, James applied Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #8.

To celebrate, Make Up For Ever and Temptalia are giving away:

  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Black
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes #0L
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #8

RULES: All entries must be submitted by July 26th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

How to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me where you’d wear a smoky eye to.

Congratulations to Jenna C.!

See more photos! (Swimsuits ahead!)

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910 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever @ Ed Hardy + Giveaway!

  1. Meagan

    I’m not sure you could pay anyone to wear Ed Hardy make up lol, more or less buy it

    • air

      seriously, and the way it’s applied on these models… no thank you to that!

      • Stacey M

        Uhg, I was hoping I wasn’t the only one that thought that… and their fake bangs are rediculous…

        • Alfton

          I know that’s right. That girl is Chris Brown’s current girlfriend Jazmine and let’s just say that she is definately no Rhianna. I dont like this look on her because usually she is so beautiful but this here does her no justice. POOR THING! SMH

        • Halo

          same here before i read the coments i was thinking please, don’t let me be the only one who thinks that looks horrible and the eyeliner come on! thats not even pretty in a parallel universe. please reply if you agree this dosen’t look like the “old Hollywood” look the artist was going for

      • Xtina

        The look is very street-walker-ish. I’m really confused by the flesh toned eyeliner. It just looks like these hookers can’t do their make up right!

    • Sasha

      The makeup is actually by MUFE, not Ed Hardy.

    • Victoria N.

      makeup is by ‘Make Up For Ever’ not Ed Hardy, but I too dont quite fancy this look.

  2. marta

    I would wear a smokey eye to a formal.

  3. I would wear a smoky look anytime !
    I love the smoky eyes.

  4. Ms. Jimmi

    i wear smoky eyes going to dinner with my hubby!

  5. Marinka

    I’d wear a smoky eye on my first date! I love smoky eyes and it makes my eye so much more beautiful.

  6. harley

    I would wear a smokey eye out to some late night parties.

  7. Bernice

    I’d wear a smokey eye out to a dinner party :)

  8. Katy

    I would wear it out for girls night!!

  9. ter

    I’d wear a smokey eye anywhere. I wear glasses so I can pull off more eyemakeup. Now this model’s smokey eye look i’d wear on a late night date to a club or dimly lit restaraunt!

  10. Christine

    it’s beautiful black eye makeup

    I only wear smoky eye when I go out at night.

  11. Amanda S

    Id wear a smokey eye to a nightclub and be living it up on the dance floor with my friends!!

  12. Elena Hernandez

    I would wear a smoky eye to a concert! I’m going to see Paramore in a couple of months and that would be perfect!

  13. Tanya

    Id wear smoky eyes to party or a night out)))

  14. PAOLA

    I would wear a smoky eye when going to club or a late night party

  15. Michelle

    Night out with my girls!!

  16. Alejandra Huerta

    OMG !! I love to wear smokey eyes !! Specially on night when Iยดm with my friends or just when I want to look more elegant !! =)

  17. Gigi

    I’d wear a smokey eye to the club for sure!

  18. Valerie

    Ooh! We’re going to see Louis C.K. live in September, and I’d wear a smoky eye to the show!

  19. Kelly

    I would wear this eye if I were to do a fun night with my friends where we all go out looking a little silly, because this look is just to overbearing for me to wear on a regular basis.

  20. Kathy

    I’d wear a smoky eye to a party.

  21. Tanya

    I lov Smoky eyes. the other day I wore a green smoky to go do my hair. lol
    I also love the black/white smoky combo for a night out in town

  22. Angela

    I would rock a smokey eye to a runway fashion show!!!

  23. john

    id wear smokey eyes to VEGAS!

  24. Jincy

    Out with friends, clubbing!

  25. Margarida Castro

    I would wear a smoky eye look for a night out in the club!

  26. freewing78

    go out for dinner~~!!

  27. to any occasion that i can imagine.

  28. Grace

    Party party party girlllll :) sultry sexy smokey eye

  29. The question should be where wouldn’t I wear a smokey eye and I the answer is to sleep other than that anywhere and everywhere!

  30. Gisele

    An intimate dinner party.

  31. abby

    i’d wear a smokey eye to a club!!!

  32. EVA

    I always wear a smoky eye to parties! Its the easiest thing to do :)

  33. In the past, I thought smokeys were for evening events. but now adays everyone seems to be pulling off all kind of smokey eyes, not just the dark ones. So I think depending on how you do yours, and the colours you use, you can wear one any time! if we are talking about dark smokey eyes…well it would be only at night for me~ GOing out with the gals for drinks or whatever~

  34. I would wear a smokey eye out to a party or a night time event.

  35. Erica

    I’d wear a smokey eye on a dinner date with the boy!

  36. Jessica

    I mainly do cat-eye eyeliner since it’s quick and easy but if I were able to I’d wear a smokey eye all day, everyday and to any occasion.

  37. Jessica V

    Hands down, out dancing with my friends. It photographs well and even looks good if it gets a bit messy.

  38. I love a smoky eye any time, but the dramatic black “rocker chic” look I would and do wear to concerts! I may be a mama, but I still get my rock on!

  39. Kajsa

    I don’t scare easily, so I can wear a smoky eye everywhere! Even if I’m just going out for some grocery shopping or for laundry day. I’m that epic! :)

  40. catrienna

    i will wear smoky eye to a night club, :-)

  41. Emilie

    I’d wear it going out dancing with my friends for sure.

  42. maryelle

    i’d definitely rock the smokey eye at lady gaga’s concert coming to my town on july 25.

  43. Milessa

    On an evening out with the boyfriend…..if I’m feeling

  44. phuongk

    i’d wear a smokey eye to a formal event with a LBD.

  45. I’d wear a smokey eye to the wedding I’m going to in August. Smokey and dramatic for a night-time wedding sounds perfect to me!

  46. Steph

    I’d wear a smokey eye out to a concert!

  47. Dana

    I wear a smokey eye basically everywhere! Whenever I wear eye makeup I always smoke it out, either subtle or dramatic depending on where I am going

  48. Elysia W

    Hot hawt are those blonde bangs? I would definitely where this on a date with my man….such an intense look!

  49. MsK

    a night out on the town or to a party.

  50. Storm

    Not to the beach! I wear a smokey eye to bars/clubs/comedy night or to weddings…Sometimes. It depends on my mood!

  51. i’d wear a smoky eye on a first date =D

  52. Arantzazu

    I’d wear a smokey eye to an winter afternoon wedding… With a little black dress and bright green high-heel shoes =)

  53. Sabrina

    Really, anywhere! When the mood strikes, I go for it. :)

  54. Margaret

    i would wear a smokey eye to a party

  55. I wear a smokey eye most days. neutral during the day and dark at night for dinner =)

  56. Chelsea

    I would wear a smokey eye to a night out filled with dancing and having fun with friends (:

  57. Joanne

    A dark, sultry smokey eye is my go-to for parties, clubs and holiday celebrations, like New Year’s Eve. However, with a light hand (and subtler shades), I also rock a smokey eye to the mall, a brunch out, movie dates, etc..

  58. Jenny

    I am a stay at home so I would wear a smokey eye on a “date” night with my boyfriend :)

  59. cindy

    THE CLUB! but i do sometimes do a light version of the smoky eye for just everyday things too ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Alex

    I’d wear a smoky eye while just shopping around town during the evening, or maybe to dinner.

  61. Brooke

    I’d wear it to my birthday dinner, which is in a few weeks.

  62. Victoria

    I would wear a smoky eye in the birthday party of my best friend which is next weekend :) .

  63. irisalonso

    I’d wear a black smoky eye to a dinner

  64. I wear black smokey eyes everyday already. =)

  65. Kia

    I always wear smokey eyes with a REALLY bright lipstick to concerts.

  66. Mary Beth

    Sorry to be mean but this look is hideous. I want to win it anyway though. I have worn a smoky eye a total of once and I wore it to open mic night comedy night at a local bar. It looked good and I’ll be wearing it again.

  67. lauraaaaaaaa

    love the look. very bold

  68. I love smokey eyes, so in autumn/winter (but sometimes also in summer) I wear it everywere and everytime ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. Zoe

    i’d wear a smoky eye to a party

  70. Annie

    I would wear a smokey eye anywhere. Really! I find the smokey eye sexy and bold- why not wear it everywhere? A smokey eye can also be a soft brown smokey eye- and those are just great for day time. <3

  71. Keener

    I could wear a smoky eye everywhere (it’s the only thing I know how to do well with eyeshadow), while doing the dishes, while picking up soy milk at 9am, while slaying vampires, whatever your day entails a smoky eye complaints any activity… but mostly I reserve it for nights I want to be smouldering, usually those are the rare times I hit a club or when trying to add some edge to my look if I’m attending something like a wedding reception.

  72. Phung

    I would wear the smokey eye look to the Microsoft Christmas Party. I would wear a brownish with copper smokey eye look, my favorite eyeshadows are mostly browns and purples. I wore brown as my first eye shadow when I was growing up!

  73. Mel

    There aren’t a lot of places I WOULDN’T wear a smoky eye. I don’t wear a lot of makeup because I work with cars all day in a dirty shop, but when I do, a smoky eye is my goto look. I use lighter colors for daytime and casual events, and darker when I want to glam it up.

  74. mandy

    I would wear smokey eyes to a night out to dinner

  75. Hanna

    I wear heavy dark smokey eyes for nights out. Dark but not heavy I wear at night time if I am going out for dinner or drinks with the girls. A more neutral smokey eye I wear doing the day – I like to wear bright colours in the summer where I wear more browns and grays in fall/winter.

  76. LH

    Id wear a smoky eye out to dinner or anytime I felt like it :)

  77. I would wear a smokey eye to a concert or a date!

  78. aradhana

    oh just about anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

  79. Cristina

    I would wear the look out on a date with my bf !

  80. Cindy

    I would wear a smoky eye anywhere! To me, it doesn’t have to be done just for an evening look!

  81. Kaylee D

    I’d wear smoky eyes to a night out w/ friends :)

  82. I’d wear a smokey eye to just about anywhere but work. I work in a lab, so I wear pretty minimal makeup there. But for shopping in the afternoon, eating out, even just hanging out in the evening, I’d wear a smokey eye.

  83. I’d wear a smoky eye out for a dinner date at a nice restaurant ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. Mel

    Me + smoky eye = date night!

  85. yvette

    looks cheap and trashy, just like the ed hardy brand. ed hardy is for jon gosselin. that’s all.

  86. milaxx

    I just got an invite for a black and white ball. What better event to wear a smokey eye look?

  87. Ari

    i love wearing smokey eyes to sorority formals and out for nights on the town!

  88. Karin

    I would wear a smokey eye to a dance at my school :) Or a party!

  89. Dee

    I’d wear a smokey eye for a night out.

  90. Olivia

    I’d wear a smoky eye like this to the Robyn and Kelis concert I’m going to in a few weeks! :)

  91. chibicheeks

    I’d most likely wear a smokey eye anytime I wanted to get really dressed up and go all out

  92. alice

    There are so many variations of a smoky eyes, and with so many different colors. I wear them all the time. Smoky does not necessarily mean black. But I love black.

  93. Isheeta

    I would wear a smoky eye to a nighttime party :)

  94. ena

    I would wear a smoky eye to a jazz concert.

  95. Jennifer Torres

    I would wear a subtle and neutral smokey eye in the day ๐Ÿ˜€
    and I would wear a dark smokey eye for a night out w/ my girls !

  96. Ashley

    I wear my smokey eyes to my prom or anytime I Love smokey eye

  97. alia

    I like smoky eyes makeup on me, especially in the evening, at the parties, any kind of evening going out

  98. Laura

    That look is very..uh…Ed Hardy.

    I’d wear a (good) smokey eye anywhere.

  99. Id rock a smokey eye to a open air festival :-)

  100. I’d wear a smoky eye out on the town!