Friday, April 11th, 2008

Mom is way too focused on looking good. What’s wrong with having some mud on your ears? Who says grass stains are passe? You should have seen her, she was so excited about The Furminator. She couldn’t wait for UPS to drop it off, and sure enough, just like she promised, she opened it as soon as it arrived. I took one look at that thing and went, “No freakin’ way, dude!” I mean do you not see all those sharp edges? And it’s yellow. Caution!!!But she totally knows my weakness! She let me sniff my fill (did you know that puppies are born to use their nose first, then eyes, and finally ears?), and she even gave me treats for it! She’s never done that before. Normally it’s *yank* “No!” and there goes my sniffing time. [Mom:  you cannot sniff bushes when you are not fully immunized, I was protecting you!] Oh, but then she started using it on me. If she didn’t let me lay in her lap, I totally wouldn’t have let her. I mean, it didn’t feel good or anything.  (OK, it kinda did!)After she was finished “furminating” me, there was a whole pile of my hair sitting next to me. What did she do to me! I didn’t realize she was giving me a hair cut! OK, OK, after an hour of recovery from the ordeal, I realized I wasn’t as hot as I normally am. (Mom keeps our house a hotbox, me and Daddy are always panting!) So I guess the Furminator can stick around.  But only if I get treats!P.S. Happy birthday to me! I turn four months old on Monday! The Furminator ($34.95-59.95) is a grooming tool used for both cats and dogs (long or short-haired) to help in de-shedding. It comes in several sizes, ranging from cat, small, medium, and large, to suit your particular furry friend. While it seems pricey, just head on over to, because it’s much less (30-40% off) and it is truly a worthwhile purchase for any pet owner. I picked up the medium edged Furminator (and after receiving it, I could have gotten the large for a labrador afterall), had it shipped two-day, and I was quite excited to use it.The Furminator helps remove loose undercoat, which is often a source of hard-to-get dirt, dead hair, and even allergies. Much of shedding is caused by loose hairs of the undercoat, not the top coat, and the specially designed blade of the Furminator is able to help reduce shedding by as much as 80% over four to six weeks. Labrador owners often find themselves vacuuming multiple times a week during heavy shedding periods, and this product is a godsend to keep the floors cleaner (and my black pants!).(Hey, dog beauty products? I’m so there!)

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41 thoughts on “Magellan Says: I’ve been furminated!!!

  1. Heather

    Thank you so much for this post! We just bought one for our new kittens :-)

    • Awesome! Have you tried it out yet? I’m so impressed with it (even though he hasn’t been shedding much yet, it still worked fabulously!) thus far.

  2. Nell

    Hey Mellan,
    how polished and put together you look after your furmination! That seems to be a must for every sophisticated canine. So thoughtful of your Mommy to buy it for you. You are in very good hands there.
    Hope to hear from you soon, all the best,

  3. Hey Mellan! say it in an Arnold Schw accent – yu haf bin fermi-nayted! You sooo cute..are you allowed to eat cakes on your 4-month bday? Kisses to you!
    Wow Christine, I wish I knew of the existance of the furminator when my dog would shed on *everything* in the house!

  4. Tekoa

    Mellen looks so dashing after his furmination! I wonder if it would work for my kitten Luna. I’ve tried to brush her in the past but she either 1) scampers away or 2) tries to play with the brush by biting and pouncing on it. Furry friends can be so exasperating!

    • If you manage to keep her still, it should definitely work! You should see the user pics on Amazon for this thing, SO MUCH HAIR! comes off.

  5. Jan

    You’re looking good Mellan! Such a handsome boyyyyy. Aren’t you glad Mom pampers you as well? Happy 4th month dear :)

  6. Sara

    i have something like that. it’s not quite as big it’s called the shed ender it only costs 10$ at cvs

  7. Aww Mellan! This looks like the perfect tool for my fluff-bomb of a cat. He sheds handfuls of fur on me everyday! Happy 4th month birthday!

  8. Amy

    Aww I need something like that for my cats! You know Paul Mitchell has his own line for dogs and cats called John Paul Pet. They have shampoos, waterless shampoo foams, wipes, and some other things! Its so cute lol.

    • It’s SO funny how normal brands have gotten into the pet industry (which, btw, I think is a cash cow, LOL, omggg do they charge you for everything!!).

    • I use that on my cat! They have asham poo you rub on and dont need to rinse, so if she ever gets too dirty i dont have to use water which she hates!!!

  9. Kelly

    I’ve had one for a year for my Belgian Malinois. It’s worth every penny. 😉

  10. T.

    Oh my goodness…this is too cute for words!!!

  11. Chrissy

    Aw, Magellan, you look so handsome!

    Christine-does it make noise? I would love one to try it for my cats (and my black clothes by default 😉 ) but if it makes a lot of noise I know they won’t go near it…

  12. Marta

    I loooove my furminator! I can’t believe how much fur it can take off my long haired cat. The shedding is way down too.

  13. my kitty leaves fur EVEYWHERE and all over me when i hug her too LOL

    I dont think i would use this tho, she is timid and probably would hate it, but it looks pretty good!

  14. joanna

    hey christine!!
    my 1st time writing to you… i love your website always on it so i can learn a thing or two lol… But anyways i work at a pet store called Pet Food Express. Its just in the bay area and they have 33 stores.. we sale the furminator and boy do we sale alot of them.. Actually our store cats sell them hehe.. we brush them and the customers see how much hair it gets off..It dosnt cut the hair it just pulls the loose hair and the undercoat.. Trust me you guys it the only brush you’ll ever need!!

  15. we used to use the shop vac on my lab when she would shed! lucky for us, she wasn’t afraid of it and actually enjoyed being groomed –she would prance around the house and have to go show everyone how pretty she was, expecially if she went to the g-r-o-o-m-e-r (had to spell around the pup, she was smart!) and got a pink bow when she was done!

    happy birthday, puppyface!!

  16. Sanayhs

    I LOVE the furminator! Helped HUGELY when I had a roommate with three cats that I was really quite allergic to. That and baths. Ahahahaha… I need to get one now that she’s gone so I can groom my kitty. <3

    (Even though I’m somewhat allergic, I love cats far too much to avoid them entirely.)

    Happy birthday Mellan!

  17. Jade

    Hey Magellan!

    I have a furminator for my border collies, And it’s worked wonders for my male dog in particular! He is white and from what I’m aware, White/pale dogs seem to moult more than dark dogs :)

    However, The use of my furminator has lowered recently as my dog is now taking glucosamine tablets with added B vitamins. The vet told me that a lot of dogs moult excessively due to a B vitamin deficiency. I can honestly say, His undercoat has pretty much all fallen out, Leaving him with a single coat (Still thick haired though) which makes keeping the house free of hairs so much easier!

    He’s been on his tablets a week today and I’m amazed at the results! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t just a fluke though!

    Just thought you might like to know, As glucosamine tablets will not cause any harm and lots of people, As well as animals take them as a preventative measure (e.g., Arthritis etc) before they actually need them.

    It’s worth looking into if your stick of being brushed 😉


  18. Erin

    I have a beagle with a long, thick double coat (yeah, I know, weird) and I bought a furminator at my vet’s office for $35. This time of year (in warm Orlando), he’s shedding something fierce, and itching and scratching like crazy. This brush works wonders! I get handfuls of fur off of him, daily, and he seems more comfortable. And fewer dog hair-dustbunnies on my tile floor!