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I first fell in love with makeup when my mom bought me my first Bare Minerals set. It was my 15th birthday and she sat down with me to teach me how to “not cover my beauty, but enhance what I already had”. I felt so special and grown up :). I’ve been in love with makeup ever since!!

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I’m not entirely sure, probably by playing dress up. I’ve always been a girly girl with a love for all things beauty. Ever since I was a little girl, whenever I went to the store with my mom and she couldn’t find me, she knew right where to look..down the makeup aisle. If I ever go shopping with her, that’s where she still goes to find me!

I’ve just always loved it, from the time I was really young. Whenever we walked through a department store, I would always stop at the makeup counters, and marvel at all the colors! I was also really into mixing/creating paint colors, even as a toddler, and obsessed with my 64-color Crayola box, so moving on to makeup seemed to be the next logical progression. I can’t recall anyone around me really wearingmakeup, so I don’t think any one person influenced me…

When I was actually allowed to really experiment with makeup, besides the “kiddie” stuff my mom bought me to play with at home, it was the mid-80s, and the peak of the punk/goth era, and I already had an appreciation for the darker aesthetic & music, so having the makeup just tied everything together.

i wasn’t allowed to wear makeup too … my mother told me i can start wearing it at the last day of my high school finals , ever since i could never go out without it

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It was a curious combination of an interest in some items of makeup from when I was a teenager (unobtrusive lipstick and gloss, mostly), and the internet! A couple of years ago I watched a video or two by NZ beauty vlogger Shaaanxo (and still do!); she mentioned Urban Decay eyeliners, which I then searched up, and came here to Temptalia, where I was promptly introduced to brands and colours I never realised existed! My fledgling interest in makeup (and in blogging/vlogging) kind of exploded from there, basically!

So: many thanks to Shannon and Christine! 😀
Sylirael Recently Posted: Let your Inner Rockbard Out with Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever (#60)

My granny. When i was 5 or six she did my make up like the one that Carole André wore as “The pearl of Labuan” in Sandokan, an italian fiction. She was so beautiful and brave, I loved her style, so I fell in love with makeup, because it made me feel beautiful an brave like her.

Livejournal! Specifically, makeup artist Melanie Victoria and her friends back in the day. They were MAC addicts which is why I fell in love with the brand, and to this day the majority of my collection is MAC.

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I got a tube of Russian Red from the Wonder Woman collection as a gift, and it changed the way I looked at makeup completely. it made me feel so beautiful, but in a way that was almost like… an inside joke with myself. it was beautiful for ME, not to look attractive for men. it was liberating, in a way. I felt like I could own my face. I only ever get compliments from women when wearing it, and I really like that.

also, this is gonna sound hella sappy but also, TEMPTALIAAAAAA~~~~ I found your blog SOMEHOW back last March and fell in love with the reviews and how in depth everything was. I’d always liked makeup overall just fine but I fell head over heels with it when I discovered your passion for and insight into it. now I love more than just lipstick, lol!

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I’ve started really enjoying make-up while I was studying photography, as I couldn’t afford to hire a make-up artist for my assignments. However, it was the musco-skeletal problem on my hand that got me to fall in love with it hard. I was always creating something, but with my injury it made it nearly impossible to constantly draw or hold a heavy camera for long periods of time like I used to be. Make-up is the one creative outlet that I can do for long periods of time without risking weeks and weeks of debilitating pain. Depressing, I know, but for me, it’s better than nothing.

I used to just wear mascara and lipstick–until I got into my 40’s and had internet access. Since no one I worked with or my friends wore much makeup, I was unsure of what to use and how to apply it, etc. I would have to say that the thing I like best about wearing makeup is the transformation. I like that I can take control of my looks and go from average looking to beautiful with the help of makeup.

Ive loved makeup since I was very young, experimenting with my mothers makeup when she wasn’t looking. In High School, I would walk to the local drug store at lunch time and charge items (like bright blue shadow) to my parents account. (so naughty!). Nowadays, I have two daughters who are teenagers, one loves all makeup since playing with my Chanel Fairy pink gloss set when she was 4. My other daughter prefers the drugstore stuff, only a bit of liner and powder. They are both great at false eyelashes for dance performances. Me not so much!

I remember when I was younger I loved to walk past the MAC counters because I was so drawn in by all of the eye shadow colors. My mom was always into makeup, so I guess I just inherited that interest as well.

My mom’s vanity. I wasn’t supposed to wear makeup, but I just couldn’t resist it. Every time she would go out of the house, I would go to her vanity and start making my face up. I loved it! She used to have a box of Mary Quant crayons (early 70s) that were lots of fun!

Then, when I grew up, she took me one day to a department store and bought me my own, I was so happy! I have bought and collected ever since. I also love how makeup can reflect your mood, or the occasion depending on the colors and the intensity of application.

All the colors, the way you could mix and match them. I’m an 80’s kid, so bold, bright colors all over my face make me happy (still!). 😀

On my twelfth birthday, my mother gave me a train case full of makeup (as was her tradition for all of her daughters). I thought it was fabulous. The face products broke me out in a rash, though. I have celiac disease, and anything with particles of wheat gluten makes me sick (wheat gluten has over 100 names). Since makeup absorbs into the skin, that causes more than external rashes, but also lack of breathing and such. Anyway, although everything for the face was in the lightest range the companies carried, they were not nearly fair enough for my skin anyway. I began reading beauty magazines and searching on the internet, and found that higher-end brands very rarely used fillers like wheat gluten for makeup and skin products. At that point, Clinique did not have anything nearly light enough for my skin. I then saved my money and went to MAC. I started with the basics such as foundation, powder, and lip glass. Then I found their eyeshadows and pigments. Due to their recycling program, I even began a love affair with lipstick (at that point, only a department store was near me with MAC and could not get free eyeshadow or lip glass). I fell madly in love.

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I fell in love when I was in high school (in the 90’s!) with the ability to transform myself and reinvent myself everyday with different looks and very bold colors. I wore lime greens, purples, burgundy…
My parents didn’t care because it wasn’t permanent! I mostly am into eye makeup.

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