Friday, August 29th, 2008

While I couldn’t quite appreciate the “genius” of MAC’s Gold Fever Andrew & Andrew videos, I can appreciate their video concept for Cult of Cherry.

Today, WWD had an article about the video concept today, and here’s an excerpt explaining it…

“We began with the idea of a woman who lives in a white world and suddenly she feels it is lacking sensuality and wants to break free from its monotony,” Gager said. “She craves color, dimension and flavor, so she goes to the experts to help make over every aspect of her life from beauty, fashion, interior decorating and cooking.”

The model starts out in a plain white room, wearing white from head to toe. By the end of the video, she’s sporting a cherry-bedecked couture Erin Fetherston frock, living in a brown-and-white designer room put together by Miller and eating a cherry pie baked by Ruggiero. All are featured in the video, which will be shown at select MAC counters and online at

“The whole concept James developed worked perfectly with this look: an edible, pleasurable concept,”said Balbier. “The look embodies a girl who is slightly Goth punk, but with a sophisticated edge. She’s both sweet and shocking at the same time.” — WWD

What’s your take?

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16 thoughts on “MAC’s Cult of Cherry Video

  1. I thought the video was pretentious, but I do love the colors!

  2. I saw this on the day of the launch, and while I thought it was an unusual presentation.. I did like the transformation. There is nothing shared in common between the starting white and the ending colours.

  3. Caroline

    I thought it was a trippy, fun look at the sensuality of the fall colors. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. I definitely wanted to buy some stuff after watching it. Plus, seeing the model in action wearing the bright colors looked more realistic and the colors were more visually appealing, whereas the pic on the website made her just look drag queenish.

  4. kat

    I like the general concept and some of the cinematography was interesting but I thought it was TERRIBLY executed. For such a huge company I’m sure they could have come up with something better.

    I know that’s super harsh and critical, but I was not impressed. The Naughty Nautical video was really adorable though!

  5. Bianca

    I have to agree that although the concept was cool the execution left much to be desired. At time it felt quite paused and without continuity. It was trippy and quite different from regular makeup videos which I liked.

  6. Maz

    well im not a fan at all. The model does nothing for me or the products that she wears on her eyes. The dialogue is really odd and corny at times especially the cherry pie bit. I think they tried to hard. The only bit i do like is when her lips darken.

  7. Paulina

    I liked it. Creative.

    I want cherry pie now :)

  8. Tanya from Oz

    I really liked the video. I’m not sure what drew me to it…maybe the quirkyness? Although, I found it was better when I listened to it, instead of watching it (I was listening to it while it was loading while I was browsing another webpage) I understood the dialogue better without all the distraction of the weird camera angles and jumpy clips. It is supposed to be a phone call, so I think it is best just listening to it as a phone call.

    Some parts of it are not very good, though. Like the part where the cook is supposed to be very excited about cooking a cherry pie…..well isn’t, she just sounds bored. I did like when the designer said ‘you are gonna be a ripe little sumptuous cherry! we will wanna just gobble you up!’ lol, that goes well with the collection! (especially the lippies!)

  9. Kirsten

    I love it, i think its really cute

  10. cloudburst

    The first time I watched it at work, without the sound – I thought they were on crack. But with the sound, it’s actually kind of endearing, I mean it’s obviously trying to be “arty”. I like how offbeat it is – but, it’s a bit long though.

  11. cloudburst

    And, I liked their choice for a model – there’s something unusual but striking about her face.

  12. Annie

    I first saw it on the website. I thought it was boring. Maybe I just don’t have the artsy edge..?

  13. pia

    I’m just hungry after watching the vid. Oh and in a complete mess cos I really really want that vampy polish and the lipstick.

  14. I first saw it on the website and it was very trippy. Like a weird acid trip. The model they used looked a bit to drag to me. Guess I am not artsy enough for it.

  15. Macaddict

    Loved it! Excellent imagery for the concept! It makes me want to put colorful makeup on, get dressed and go out to eat a slice of cherry pie! :-)